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January 26, 2014

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The 3rd Annual "First Ladies of Excellence" Honors America's First Lady

2014-01-26 | Women of Excellence (WOE) magazine announces its nominees, including First Lady Michelle Obama, for the 3rd annual "First Ladies of Excellence" Awards Gala on February 20th at historic 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta.

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Timothy Neher and Accelerated Venture Partners Take Control of Producing Iron Ore Mine

2014-01-26 | Accelerated Venture Partners ("AVP") announced that they have taken control of an iron ore mine that produced an estimated 600,000 tons of Fe 62% concentrate with revenues of approximately $82 million in 2013.

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Annapolis Cosmetic Dentist Whitens Patients' Smiles In Record Time!

2014-01-26 | Dr. Barry Grosshandler, dentist in Annapolis, is excited to whiten his pateints' smiles for a brighter outlook this new year!

J John Sebastian Attorney Launches Website Dedicated Wholly to New York Vehicle and Traffic Law

2014-01-26 | J John Sebastian is an attorney who handles traffic matters in Western New York

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Dermatologist in Orange County Has Injected 1 Million Units of BOTOX

2014-01-26 | Dr. Lorrie Klein has been using BOTOX Cosmetic since 1998, and the dermatologist in Orange County recently passed an impressive mark with more than 1 million units injected. Dr. Klein's experience attracts patients from around the country.

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'Lunchtime' Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise, Spokane Surgeon Reports

2014-01-26 | Cosmetic surgery specialist in Spokane Dr. Kevin Johnson says more patients are turning to non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures on their lunch breaks. His practice offers a range of treatments with minimal to no downtime.

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Cartoon Sweaters on Milanoo Make You a Fashion Killer

2014-01-26 | Do you desire to be stylish as assassin creed? No worry, the latest cartoon sweaters on Milanoo can help you make it.

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Milanoo: Five Tips Deliver a Beautiful Red-Carpet Dress Style

2014-01-26 | Milanoo launched a dress-themed sales program for red-carpet occasions. The following are five tips offered by Milanoo designers, which will help make you a shining star.

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Amasty Introduces Extended Product Grid with Editor Module Which Considerably Increases Time Efficiency of Catalog Management Process

2014-01-26 | Amasty introduces Extended Product Grid with Editor module which considerably increases time efficiency of catalog management process.

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How to Get Items That Are Only Sold in the US

2014-01-26 | Shop at millions of online shopping sites in the USA including auction sites, famous name brand stores and small independent retailers. As a MyAddressUS Member you can shop wherever and whatever you would like in the U.S., at the best prices!

Coquette Joins iLoveSexy's Lingerie Lineup

2014-01-26 | Shop new styles from Coquette at

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