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April 11, 2014

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Sound Physicians Presents at Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Conference 2014

2014-04-11 | Speakers share study on impact of RN MD Rounding Practice.

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Content Writing and Editing Service Prompt Proofing Advises You to Check Out Your Competition for Marketing Tips

2014-04-11 | Stuck for marketing ideas for your small business or start-up? Your competition, especially your successful competition, may be your best source.

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CIC Announces FCRA Certification at No Additional Cost to its Property Management Members

2014-04-11 | Reading a study guide and passing a 30 question test could save thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits and legal fees by receiving additional education within the multifamily housing industry.

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Alexandra Villoch Succeeds David Landsberg as Publisher of Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald

2014-04-11 | The McClatchy Company named Alexandra Villoch president and publisher of the Miami Herald Media Company.

Abilene Veterinarian Clinic Helps Keep Ticks And Fleas At Bay

2014-04-11 | It's that time of the year when fleas and ticks attack. Help protect your pet today!

Santa Rosa Teeth Whitening Lights The Way To A Happier Smile

2014-04-11 | Drs. Jeffrey C. Elliott, Sandy Gabriel and Peter Lyu are happy to help patients achieve whiter smiles with professional teeth whitening.

Achieve A Straighter, Healthier Smile With Orthodontic Work

2014-04-11 | Dr. Joseph Matievich, general dentist in Rochester Hills, is happy to offer orthodontic services at his dental practice.

Esteemed Dentist In Houston Area Offers Restorative Dentistry Services

2014-04-11 | Dr. Ron Ritsco and his patient-focused team are rebuilding their patients' oral health by rebuilding their smiles with restorative dentistry. Full release is below.

Shanghai Tower, the New Benchmark for Innovation, To Be Part of General Session at Realcomm | IBcon!

2014-04-11 | Presented for the first time in the US -Shanghai Tower: smart, sustainable, energy efficient and reaching for the sky!

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Lizzie Bayley Excels in the Legal Arena

2014-04-11 | Lizzie Bayley is responsible for a range of legal and general support services for Shanks Waste Management Limited

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Alessandro Stefano Monti Honored for Accomplishments in Publishing

2014-04-11 | Mr. Monti provides direction for Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore

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Dr. Sam Kwon Strives to Improve Global Crop Protection

2014-04-11 | Sam Kwon heads procurement for BASF Asia Pacific to advance chemical capabilities

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Ed Voss Honored for Accomplishments in Supply Chain Management

2014-04-11 | Mr. Voss supports logistics and distribution at Tata Steel

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Mouna Roger Honored for Excellence in Business Development

2014-04-11 | Ms. Roger works to further the trend of growth for Adobe Systems

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Erna Zelmin-Ekenhem Honored for Success in Law Management

2014-04-11 | Ms. Zelmin-Ekenhem oversees all investigations for the National Board of Forensic Medicine

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Margrit Anne Wolff Honored for Entrepreneurial Success

2014-04-11 | Mercury Freight (Pty) Ltd., is a successful logistics business

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Sleep Medicine Doctor Offers Free Evaluation to Michigan Teen After Near-Fatal Drowsy Driving Crash

2014-04-11 | Dr. Bart Sangal of the Sleep & Attention Disorders Institute is spreading awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving and what underlying serious health conditions might be putting the driver and other motorists in danger.

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Dr. Solomon Kamson of Spine Institute Northwest to Speak at World Congress of WFMISS in Istanbul

2014-04-11 | Dr. Solomon Kamson of Seattle-based Spine Institute Northwest will be traveling to Turkey to discuss minimally invasive spine surgical techniques.