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April 18, 2014

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Prompt Proofing, a Content Editing and Writing Service, Offers Tips on Writing Effective Web Copy

2014-04-18 | You may have read this before but it remains true nonetheless; your website is not for you or your company, it's for your readers - and potential customers. Never lose sight of this!

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Getting Smart Releases Assessing Deeper Learning: A Survey of Performance Assessment and Mastery Tracking Tools Report

2014-04-18 | With Support From the Deeper Learning Student Assessment Initiative (DLSAI), this report investigates the state of the field and reports on best practices, tools, and resources to support Deeper Learning performance assessment.

Firmdale Announces Ham Yard Hotel Opening Date as 1st June 2014

2014-04-18 | Tim and Kit Kemp's new hotel is one of their most ambitious yet.

ThinkWay's Transformation Article Selected as Editor's Choice

2014-04-18 | PEX Network selects McManis' article regarding transforming business transformation.

Experts with Stucco Repair in Atlanta, The Painting Penguin, Note That Stucco Has Its Own Paint

2014-04-18 | According to the Atlanta painting experts, stucco requires specific paint to retain its natural breathability.

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Divorce Atlanta Explains Why You Need an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

2014-04-18 | An Atlanta divorce attorney explains the necessity of having an attorney during divorce proceedings.

Ocoee Canopy Tour Company, Raft One, Discusses Zip Line Safety

2014-04-18 | You can depend on this top Ocoee rafting company to keep you safe whether you're whitewater rafting in Georgia or mountain biking in Tennessee.

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Atlanta Dentists, Downtown Atlanta Dentistry, Share Dental Crown Recommendations

2014-04-18 | This leading provider of cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta can help you with a wide variety of excellent and effective dental solutions.

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Atlanta Pain Clinic, Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center, Addresses What to Expect from Shingles Pain Management

2014-04-18 | This neck pain specialist in Atlanta has the knowledge and experience to design an individualized and effective pain management program.

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Bergen County, NJ Midwife Helps From Pregnancy Care To Birth

2014-04-18 | North Jersey Midwifery Care, LLC works with expectant moms to deliver the best care available during the birth of their baby.

September Soul Music Puts Soul on the Map with New Music

2014-04-18 | Debut singles from Corey Cross and Electric Blue Man launch soulful label.

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Navis Yacht Charter to Attend Genoa Yacht Show

2014-04-18 | Luxury yacht charter company Navis Yacht Charter has announced that it will be attending the Genoa Yacht Show which will run from the 28th April - 2nd May 2014.

Wendy L. Ponka Honored for Success in Court Reporting and Transcribing

2014-04-18 | Ms. Ponka provides direction and stability at her training institute

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Jimmy Nowrouzi Honored for Excellence in Operations Management

2014-04-18 | Mr. Nowrouzi is a Global Operations leader who is committed to driving excellence in operations

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Leonardo Gorini Honored for Accomplishments in Medical Equipment

2014-04-18 | Mr. Gorini supervises the operations of Promedica Bioelectronics Srl

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William T. Eliason Honored for Accomplishments in Journalism & Publishing

2014-04-18 | Mr. Eliason's military career enabled him to transition to a career in professional military education

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Michael Haralson - Transforming Education with Next-Generation Robotics

2014-04-18 | JetSpark Robotics, Ltd., is a robotics and artificial intelligence company

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Julie-Ann N. Mayer Honored for Success in Mediation and Organizational Management

2014-04-18 | Ms. Mayer utilizes her background in managing and developing people at OrgAssist

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Anneke Verschuren Honored for Excellence in Human Resources

2014-04-18 | Anneke Verschuren manages HR for an innovative leader in microscopy design and application

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