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April 24, 2014

35 total news stories found. Website Combines Free Casual Gaming With Innovative Cash Back Shopping and Unique Fundraising Opportunities

2014-04-24 | Gamification trend drives charitable fundraising, member engagement, and brand loyalty for online retailers.

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Rabbit TV Announces Launch of Streaming Live TV Channels Amidst Aereo Controversy

2014-04-24 | Web TV guide service offers unrestricted broadcast TV stations worldwide over the web, but with a twist.

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Eating Sugar Doubles Risk of Death in Cancer Patients, According to Nature Works Best's Groundbreaking Study

2014-04-24 | Deadly role of sugar for cancer patients shown in groundbreaking seven-year study, the largest to date.

Great Minds in STEM and U.S. Department of Defense Present "Sneak Peek" Event

2014-04-24 | GMiS to Celebrate Diversity in STEM! with Howard University Middle School and McKinley Technology Center at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

Altys Group, Exclusive Distributor of ForaCare Suisse AG Products in South Africa, Launches the FORA Diamond MINI Blood Glucose Monitor in Partnership with Discovery Health

2014-04-24 | Altys Group has partnered with Discovery Health, which manages South Africa's largest open medical scheme and 13 closed schemes, to offer the Diamond MINI to all Discovery Health Medical Scheme members excluding members of Keycare plans.

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The Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 is Here and The Snugg Have it Covered!

2014-04-24 | The newest and most impressive Samsung Galaxy Note is here and case manufacturer The Snugg already have a range of cases available.

Prodigal Returns On CD To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Electric Eye

2014-04-24 | Complete output from influential 1980s band arrives on CD for the first time to celebrate anniversary of pivotal album.

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Track & Field News: 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Felix Sanchez Joins the Oxygen Factor Team of Athletes

2014-04-24 | 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist joins the Oxygen Factor Team of Elite Athletes through the 2016 Rio Olympics!

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Ceramic and Ceramic Hybrid Bearings For The Semiconductor Industry

2014-04-24 | Ceramic bearings are non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, operate without lubrication, ideally suited for extreme temperatures.

| Attachments Reviews YOUnify BlackBerry 10 App!

2014-04-24 | "YOUnify is fast, effective and allows users to quickly share contact information with friends and co-workers over BBM, email, QRCode and NFC." -

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Announcing The Campaign To Help Bring To Life; A Talents-Only Video Streaming Site That Will Truly Transform People's Lives

2014-04-24 | Ginormous.TV introduces its Indiegogo campaign, to assist in bringing the platform to life...

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LabTV Chairman Jay Walker Receives Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the Tribeca Film Festival's 2014 Disruptive Innovation Awards

2014-04-24 | Award Winning Filmmaker David Hoffman LabTV Executive Producer and NIH Director Francis Collins, a LabTV supporter, to be honored with "Silver Hammer" Disruptive Innovator Awards

Puron vs. Freon, Florida AC Repair Experts, American Air & Heat, Have Both

2014-04-24 | No matter what your home heating or cooling system may run on, this leading provider of Orlando HVAC service can help you enjoy a safe and comfortable home environment.

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Atlanta Moving Company, A.C. White, Discusses Why Companies Should Hire Specialized Lab Moving Companies

2014-04-24 | No matter what you have to move, this trusted Atlanta mover will relocate you safely and swiftly.

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Call Choice Plumbing for Emergency Plumbing in Orlando

2014-04-24 | This noted Florida plumbing company can handle any unexpected plumbing problems you may encounter.

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Atlanta Dentists at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry Discuss New Zoom! 2 Tooth Whitening System

2014-04-24 | Zoom!2 is the quickest, most effective and gentlest in-office tooth whitening offered by Downtown Atlanta Dentistry.

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The Tulsa, Okla., Dentists at Perfect Smile Tulsa Explain Signs of Gum Infection

2014-04-24 | Gum infection is a common issue that can worsen and threaten your overall health. Learn the signs and how to avoid gum infections.

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Marietta Dentists at Windy Hill Dental Associates Discuss How Your Diet Can Affect Your Teeth

2014-04-24 | Eating a varied diet is one way to develop and enjoy a healthy oral environment, according to this trusted Marietta cosmetic dentist.

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Dental Cleaning Experts Norcross Dental Associates Discuss Possible Causes of Gum Pain

2014-04-24 | The dentists in Norcross, Ga., Norcross Dental Associates, address the common sources of gum discomfort and pain. Swollen and bleeding gum tissue is usually indicative of periodontitis.

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Atlanta Countertop Specialists at Craftmark Share the Three Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2014

2014-04-24 | White, sterile kitchens are being replaced with warmer, darker paint and countertop choices in 2014.

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