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April 28, 2014

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Tecma Talk Podcast Focuses on Total Cost of Ownership and Other Global Manufacturing Trends

2014-04-28 | In addition to wage rates, manufacturers must be aware of supply chain, transportation and other costs related to producing and bringing their goods to market.

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Breakthrough in Digital Privacy

2014-04-28 | Venux reinvents digital privacy using the H.I.P.S principle.

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Prophet and Healer James Craik Launches New Book

2014-04-28 | James Craik's latest book Of Jesus and Madmen has been released.

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Great Minds in STEM Invited to White House Conference on Girls

2014-04-28 | White House Council hosts a discussion on issues affecting the lives of girls

Celebrate Baseball Season with MLB Wind Spinners, Chimes and Crystal Twisters from Iron Stop

2014-04-28 | For passionate baseball lovers, Iron Stop introduces MLB licensed wind spinners that will show off team loyalty every time the wind blows. Their strobe-like effect is due to their intricate cutouts and light-refractive finish.

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Buckhead Realtors at Buckhead Property Group Explain Home Buyer Warranty Basics

2014-04-28 | Knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate industry, this Buckhead real estate company can assist you in all your real estate transactions.

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Tampa Plumbers, The Pampering Plumber, Talk Going Green with Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

2014-04-28 | Filter your home's water with a reverse osmosis purifier and wean yourself from the water bottle.

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Try Hawaii Kona Coffee from J. Martinez This Month

2014-04-28 | Kona coffee is one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Learn why gourmet coffee retailer J. Martinez recommends that you invest in your first cup of Kona this month.

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Get Boudoir Bridal Photography Done at Warwick Boudoir This Wedding Season

2014-04-28 | Surprise your hubby with a steamy hot bridal photography album from the Houston boudoir photographers at Warwick Boudoir.

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Atlanta Phone Repair Company, LifeLine Repairs, Set to Open Online Store in Spring 2014

2014-04-28 | LifeLine Repairs will offer accessories and technology through its online store.

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The Jacksonville Orthopedics at Heekin Orthopedics Discuss Plantar Fasciitis

2014-04-28 | Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, affecting approximately one million Americans every year. Here, the experts from Heekin Orthopedics discuss the main causes, signs, symptoms and treatment options for this disorder.

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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Carlos Setti, is Offering a Promotion on Invisalign and Laser Whitening

2014-04-28 | During all of April, Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Setti, is offering Invisalign and laser teeth whitening at discounted costs. If you would like straighter or white teeth, this offer is worth considering.

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Dale C. Booth Honored for Excellence in Infrastructure Development

2014-04-28 | Mr. Booth will help Tiree continue to enjoy steady growth

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Gregor Rudolphi Honored as an Exceptional Executive

2014-04-28 | Gregor Rudolphi identifies and realizes opportunities for sales growth

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John Stephen Farquhar Honored for his Expertise in Sales and Marketing

2014-04-28 | Mr. Farquhar started working in his field in 1997 and has progressed steadily ever since

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Feras Al-Zubaidy Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

2014-04-28 | Feras Al-Zubaidy works with the top five companies in the San Francisco bay area

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Frank M. Hinrichs Honored for Success in Travel Accommodations

2014-04-28 | Mr. Hinrichs is inspired to provide the best at Ang'ata Camps

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Houston Attorney Benny Agosto Jr. Recognized by Hispanics in Philanthropy

2014-04-28 | Texas lawyer Benny Agosto Jr. was recently honored by Hispanics in Philanthropy for his civic leadership and philanthropic efforts in the Hispanic community.

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Seattle Maritime 101 Celebrates Seattle's Five Star Working Waterfront; More than 30 Events Planned including Expanded Vigor Seattle Maritime Festival

2014-04-28 | Seattle Maritime 101 launches with more than 30 special events, an expanded Vigor Seattle Maritime Festival, website and other activities to celebrate Seattle's Five Star Working Waterfront.

Internet Marketing Agency Cardinal Web Solutions Selects Mike Richardson as Director of Accounts

2014-04-28 | Mike Richardson named the new Director of Accounts at Cardinal Web Solutions, the #1 fastest growing agency in the Southeast.