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July 14, 2014

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Two Moms Invent First-Of-Its-Kind Germ Protection Technology - The No Touch Pen(R), The Original Germ Defense Pen(R) - Launching On KICKSTARTER

2014-07-14 | Disgusted by all the germs they were coming into contact with on public touch screens & keypads running their day to day errands, they set out to find a solution.

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Two Former Falcon Air Express Flight Attendants Sue Airline Claiming They Were Fired in Retaliation for Reporting Potentially Catastrophic Maintenance Issues

2014-07-14 | Attorneys Want to Speak to Passengers Who Were On Board Two Aruba-Bound Aircraft When They Reportedly Over Pressurized and Nearly Exploded Mid-Flight

A Fine Collection of Hand Signed Artworks from Artists Such as Picasso and Warhol Up For Auction

2014-07-14 | A special contemporary & classical art auction featuring over 150 lots; from signed original lithograph and prints to graphical artworks & rare signed catalogs.

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Peak Performance Marketing Solutions Creates State-of-the-Art Peak Engagement Platform (PEP)

2014-07-14 | Peak Performance, the trusted authority in customer engagement, has made a major capital investment in their core infrastructure with the development of a new PEAK Engagement Platform (PEP).

Introducing Tattoo Audio, The World's First Intelligent Tri-Connection Premium Wireless Headphone With Integrated Smartwatch

2014-07-14 | Tattoo Audio has released the world's first intelligent premium wireless headphone with integrated smartwatch set with in-phase communication to your smartphone or other smart-connected-device.

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Women's Lingerie and Intimates Takes a Big Leap Forward With the Sexy PocketBra. Plans are to Distribute Through Retail and Wholesale Channels as well as Licensing

2014-07-14 | Innovation is hitting the lingerie market with the introduction of the PocketBra for cell phones and other personal items. In a market that has seen lackluster growth recently, PocketBra promises to be the innovation that provides a competitive edge.

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Orthopedics from Jacksonville's Heekin Orthopedic Specialists Can Provide Relief for Your Back Pain

2014-07-14 | Back pain can be caused by a number of factors and may be either chronic or acute in nature. No matter what causes your pain, the orthopedic specialists from Heekin Orthopedics can help diagnose and treat it.

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Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Recommend Organizing Tax Records Sooner Rather than Later

2014-07-14 | According to the Atlanta bankruptcy experts at Clark & Washington, it is advantageous to organize your tax records as soon as you can.

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Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery Partners with Health and Wellness Coach

2014-07-14 | San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Beck announces Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery partnership with health and wellness coach Rosie Bank.

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Holly MacCue Helps Individuals Unlock Their 'Inner Winner' for Long Term Success

2014-07-14 | Holly MacCue is passionate about enabling emerging talent within top organisations

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Martin Law Has THE Most Workers' Comp Certified Attorneys in Pennsylvania

2014-07-14 | With the addition of three more attorneys at Martin Law who have received certifications in Workers' Compensation, the firm now holds the greatest number of certified attorneys in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Joe Cardinale Honored for Accomplishments in Software

2014-07-14 | Mr. Cardinale conducts business analysis for Compusoft Australia

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AIM Marketing Acquisitions Delighted Australia Ranked Second Best Place for Female Entrepreneurship

2014-07-14 | According to the Gender-Global Entrepreneur and Development Index report released last month this year, MD, Brenda Aguilar, of AIM Marketing Acquisitions is delighted that Australia has ranked as the second place globally for female entrepreneurship.

2014 Half-Year Marketers Report: Executive Touch Ltd. Reveal their Thoughts on the Year so far

2014-07-14 | With the first half of the year behind, Executive Touch Ltd reveal their views on how the year so far has gone and offer their predictions for the future.

Speak Out: Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. Challenge Study Reviewing Worth of Start-up Conferences

2014-07-14 | Following a recent article questioning the worth of start-up conferences, Marketing on 6th, NYC, INC. react claiming any business conference or seminar is excellent value to new business owners.

The Plato Group says Freelancing Remains on the Rise

2014-07-14 | The Plato Group insists, with growing competition in the market place, an increasing number of businesses choose to work with freelancers.

Coastal Breezz Celebrates the Grand Opening of their Home Decor Center in Indian Shores Florida

2014-07-14 | Coastal Breezz of Indian Shores, is proud to announce the grand opening of their brand new showroom featuring custom shades, shutters, home decor, and more. A Grand Opening Celebration will be held from 4-8PM on July 17th at their Home Decor Center.

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Consultonomics Ltd. Plan for Growth

2014-07-14 | In a time of overwhelming competition and an increasing rate of change, maintaining a loyal customer base can be challenging. Consultonomics Ltd have successfully retained a strong customer base and have released plans for growth in Q3 of 2014.

Bikram Choudhury's Yoga Retreat for Women

2014-07-14 | Bikram Yoga Reston is hosting the 8th Annual Bikram Yoga Women's Retreat from July 31st to August 3rd, 2014.