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August 13, 2014

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Good Morning America's Host Ginger Zee Took the Plunge with Stuart Cove and Dozens of Sharks in the Bahamas

2014-08-13 | Stuart Cove is interviewed by Ginger Zee on ABC's Good Morning America for Shark Week.

NASA's Space Station Fix-it Demo for Satellites Gets Hardware for 2.0 Update

2014-08-13 | In its second phase of activities, the Robotic Refueling Mission will move past its refueling roots to test out the inspection capabilities of a new space tool called the Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot.

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Western and Native Art and Collectibles Come to Auction in Santa Fe

2014-08-13 | The number one auctioneer of western and native collectibles are holding their annual auction.

Death of Robin Williams Underscores Shame of Depression in Hollywood

2014-08-13 | Dr. Rebecca Roy, "The Industry Therapist" says Williams' failing of Hollywood to deal with mental health issues.

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Authors Unite to Create Marketing Company for New Writers

2014-08-13 | Innovate media forms Publisher's Space to have global impact.

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LondonTown's 32 Top Family Events in London for Summer 2014

2014-08-13 | Books About Town and the Moomins entertain families in London this summer.

MenuTrinfo Steps Up College, University Allergy Training

2014-08-13 | Industry leader partners with Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) to help students with food allergies.

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Nashville Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Discuss Increase in Elderly Americans Turning to Bankruptcy

2014-08-13 | Elderly Americans have been filing for bankruptcy at alarmingly high rates. According to the Nashville bankruptcy experts, this can be avoided by proper financial planning early on.

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Strong Indoor Tanning Lotion Sales Spark Huge Growth

2014-08-13 | Hottie Bottie makes move on Michigan market, sparking a 400% growth in lotion sales from prior year.

New Superyacht Construction Available with Denison Super Yacht Division

2014-08-13 | Denison Super Yacht Division announces the availability of Mondo Marine M60 Hull #2 fast displacement superyacht for immediate construction.

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Jesse C. Pan is Recognized as Part of the Top One Percent of Agents Worldwide

2014-08-13 | Jesse Pan, ABR, SFR, TRC, celebrates many milestones in only six years.

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James E. Farmer Honored for Excellence in Law

2014-08-13 | Mr. Farmer followed his father's footsteps and joined the family law firm.

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Jonathan D. Sands Honored for His Legal Expertise

2014-08-13 | Jonathan D. Sands is an AV Preeminent Rated Attorney, and has been honored as a Top Rated New York Area Lawyer.

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Clifford P. Wilkening Recognized for Excellence in Rental Property Management

2014-08-13 | Mr. Wilkening is directing the fortunes of a company.

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Stevan J. Bosses Excels in Alternative Dispute Resolution

2014-08-13 | Stevan J. Bosses provides mediation and arbitration services for all manners of commercial and civil disputes.

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Cal Clupp, B.Sc., CD1, Named a Professional of the Year in Information System Security and Privacy

2014-08-13 | Cal Clupp is an experienced senior consultant, analyst and manager with more than 20 years of experience in information system security and privacy.

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MDC151-050101 from Anaheim Automation Offers 10A, Closed Loop Control

2014-08-13 | Anaheim Automation's recent release of the MDC151-050101 offers customers with a 10A, closed-loop option for their brushless application.

Marjorie Irene Chambers Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Oil, Gas & Energy

2014-08-13 | Marjorie Irene Chambers started working in the oil business in 1993, following in the footsteps of her brothers.

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Dr. Christian W. Hahn with Ideal Dentistry in Louisville Gets Botox and Derma Filler Certified

2014-08-13 | Dr. Hahn, AACD Accredited Cosmetic Dentist and International Speaker on Cosmetic Dentistry, is integrating the full line of Allergan products in his Louisville dental practice which is already know for delivering life enhancing smiles.

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Los Angeles, California Alternative Rock Band "The Rift" Ranked #2 with China's Rock Fans. Only American Rock Group to Make the Top 5 List

2014-08-13 | The Rift single, "Universe" finds favor in the burgeoning Chinese rock scene tracked by

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