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October 19, 2014

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Breast Reconstruction Specialists in Torrance Featured on Nightline

2014-10-19 | The national news program highlighted a breast reconstruction procedure performed by the Torrance plastic surgery team at South Bay Plastic Surgeons.

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Consultonomics Review the Importance of Encouraging New Leaders

2014-10-19 | As a business grows it requires more business leaders to manage and guide its expanding workforce. Sales and marketing firm Consultonomics urge current business leaders to share their knowledge to help develop these new leaders.

Marketing on 6th CEO Keynote Speaker at Philadelphia Conference

2014-10-19 | Colm Horgan, Managing Director of Marketing on 6th, NYC, Inc. was announced as a keynote speaker at a business conference in Philadelphia last weekend.

New Acquisitions Define 5 Most Important Leadership Qualities

2014-10-19 | Atlanta based sales and marketing firm New Acquisitions believe that although there are many different styles of leadership, great leaders all share the same key traits and qualities that have driven them to succeed.

Outsource Australia: 5 Characteristics about Extraordinary Salespeople

2014-10-19 | Successful sales people are those willing to do the same thing every day. Such actions require a unique type of mental toughness. Outsource Australia shares the five characteristics that help exceptional sales people define this type of resilience.

Yorkston Oakmont Highlight Importance of Business Contingency Plan Following Houston Storms

2014-10-19 | Following the fierce storms that hit Houston, Texas last week, local business Yorkston Oakmont discuss the importance of having a business contingency plan. Such action is required to ensure a business runs smoothly if a natural disaster occurs.

SmartTruckRoute App Includes Free Android Wearable Connection

2014-10-19 | SmartTruckRoute GPS app for Android now includes free support for Android Wearable Smart Watches to notify drivers of upcoming turns, weigh scales, and toll booths.