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February 02, 2015

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Celtic Rock Bands to Headline Florida Panhandles Largest St Patrick's Festival and Parade

2015-02-02 | Described as a "Mini Savannah" St Patrick's event, The Beaches Of South Walton County Florida are attracting a different kind of snowbird this March

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As Calling Evil Magic Black is Racist I Would Like to Rename Black Magic as Bad Magic and White Magic as Good Magic. I Have Figured Out my Own Good Magic

2015-02-02 | Today's world is still too much evil for those who are innocent and helpless. They have little recourse against those who are evil and powerful; who exploit them. I have figured out a good route to getting even and becoming powerfully rich in life.

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Dr. Philippe Capraro To Perform Life-Changing Panniculectomy At Grossman Plastic Surgery

2015-02-02 | Procedure Will Remove A 50-to-100-pound Panniculus From 66-Year-Old Woman

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Monika Altmaier Recognized for Excellence in Human Resources Management

2015-02-02 | Ms Altmaier has worked in the field for 20 years

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Maryland's Bella Cosmetic Surgery Now Offering Restylane Silk

2015-02-02 | Bella Cosmetic Surgery is proud to announce it is now carrying Restylane Silk, the only FDA-approved lip enhancement product

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Increased Risk of Kidney Disease with Periodontal Disease

2015-02-02 | Houston dentist, Dr. Behzad Nazari, has highlighted a recent study showing increased risk of kidney disease in patients suffering from periodontal disease.

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Feng Shui Expert to Appear on Natural Reboot

2015-02-02 | Show focuses on transforming lives into a happy and healthier one

SC Auction House To Sell Rare 1934 $10,000 Bill

2015-02-02 | It is expected to sell for $120,000 - $180,000.

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. Announces Donation Partnership with The Robin Hood Foundation

2015-02-02 | Johnny on the Spot, LLC. Portable Restrooms and Temporary Fencing and The Robin Hood Foundation have announced a donation partnership to raise money for the fight against poverty in New York City.

Translation Cloud Launches New Translation Cloud API for Developers

2015-02-02 | Translation Cloud LLC, the award-winning translation company and creator of, has launched its crowdsource translation platform API for developers.

EMLab P&K Launches MoldRANGE Local Climate Report for Mold Testing in Florida and Arizona

2015-02-02 | EMLab P&K launches MoldRANGE Local Climate to help IAQ professionals who perform mold testing in Florida and Arizona. The free mold lab report provides better insights for outdoor mold spore levels in zip codes where the mold testing took place.

Growing Your Inflatable Business Through Strategic Alliances

2015-02-02 | One way to make your inflatable business stand out from the competition is through partnerships and strategic alliances.