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February 13, 2015

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Forensiq Names Mike Rosner as New Chief Revenue Officer

2015-02-13 | Former VP of Sales for North America at Sizmek brings 15 plus years of experience to leading fraud protection company

Eye on the International Space Station: One-Year Mission Miniseries

2015-02-13 | During NASA's One-Year Mission, visual impairment investigations will be conducted to learn more fluid shifts and ocular health.

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Beautiful Collection of Western and Native Art and Collectibles Up For Auction on

2015-02-13 | McCall Auctions presenting 190 Lots with absolutely no reserve

Streeterville Condo Goes Gigabit with Everywhere Wireless

2015-02-13 | Unbeknownst to the average citizen, muted by the marketing machines of major telecom providers such as Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T, a new breed of private Internet operators are sprouting up across the nation.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Alleviate Your Post-Vacation Debt Stress

2015-02-13 | The Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys discuss ways to manage your vacation debt as well as the stress that comes along with it.

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Michelle M. West Honored as an Expert in her Legal Specialty

2015-02-13 | Ms. West helps clients who have been gravely injured

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Columbus Shines in Light of Democratic National Convention Bid

2015-02-13 | Columbus to become an epicenter for political journalists and pundits covering the 2016 election

John H. (Jack) Hickey Named on the 2015 Annual Listing of the South Florida Legal Guide's List of Top Lawyers for 11th Year in a Row

2015-02-13 | John H. Hickey of Hickey Law Firm is honored to have been named on the 2015 annual listing of The South Florida Legal Guide's list of Top Lawyers for 11 consecutive years

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Ian S. Mednick, Esq., Honored for Excellence in Family Law

2015-02-13 | Mr. Mednick helps resolve high-conflict divorce cases on behalf of his clients

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Michael John Tario Celebrates 35 Years of Success in Law

2015-02-13 | Mr. Tario is one of Washington State's most experienced and successful trial lawyers

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Attorney David F. Meekison Receives Distinguished Service Award

2015-02-13 | David F. Meekison has extensive experience in wrongful death, medical malpractice and personal injury cases

Alan Lee, Esq., Specializes in Immigration and National Law

2015-02-13 | Alan Lee, Esq., was named a NY Metro Top Lawyer

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Matthew J. Renaud Honored as a Leading Authority on Finance and Investments

2015-02-13 | Mr. Renaud helps families and small businesses to manage their long-term investment accounts

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Christopher Heyer Honored for Excellence in Commercial Law

2015-02-13 | Mr. Heyer realized his lifelong passion of becoming a lawyer

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Boca Raton Lawyer Michael Grife Receives Top 10 Attorney Award

2015-02-13 | Boca Raton lawyer Michael Grife has recently been recognized by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys as one of the top 10 attorneys under 40 in Florida

Steven M. Donn, MD, FAAP, Noted for Expert Knowledge of Respiratory Failure in Newborns

2015-02-13 | Steven M. Donn, MD, FAAP, is working on the 4th edition of his manual: Neonatal Respiratory Care

| Attachments Launches Newly Revised PCI Policy Templates for Version 3.0 of the PCI DSS Standards for Instant Download

2015-02-13 | The global compliance leaders at have just announced the launch of a newly revised set of PCI policy templates for version 3.0 of the PCI DSS standards.

The Plato Group: Are Your Words Tarnishing Your Credibility?

2015-02-13 | The Plato Group, a direct marketing firm located in Miami, Florida, investigate how the words business professionals use can impact their credibility, without even realizing it.