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June 13, 2015

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Recalling When 'Jewish Housewives Defeated the KGB'

2015-06-13 | Exhibit celebrating 25 years to release of Soviet Jews launches in NYC, and reminds when Jews are united they can achieve the 'impossible.'

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BlueFinger Soon to Release New Game "After School Harem Activity"

2015-06-13 | The beautiful characters show their tempting charms as they are strengthened. Thus, the company expects male teens and those in their 30s to enjoy the game.

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Publ Studio Introduces Bud-e, Fun and Creative English Language Education Program for Children

2015-06-13 | Bud-e's program provides various digital-based contents, including prose and poetry, pronunciation study and practice, word flashcards, and interactive fairy tales.

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iPortfolio Secures Distribution Contract of Travel Contents with KBS-Travalloon: A Step Forward to Smart Travel Contents

2015-06-13 | The show "A Walk around the World" will be re-edited as video clips that are optimized for more than 10,000 mobile devices. They will be provided to travelers' smart devices as multi-language content, based on location via Travalloon's application.

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Strategic Combination of Promedia and AAV Create a Premier Consulting, Services & Integration Provider

2015-06-13 | Promedia Technologies, Inc. has created a strategic partnership with AAV to create a premier consulting, services & integration provider.

2016 Spark Expected To Receive a More Upscale Interior

2015-06-13 | The new Chevy Spark comes with a more refined cabin.

Dw. Dunphy Admits That Never Works

2015-06-13 | Musician launches conceptual album project with first single and an explanation.

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Paranormal Fantasy Romance Author Vanayssa Somers Releases New Contemporary Romance Novel, 'Sacred Trust'

2015-06-13 | Somers writes paranormal fantasy romance and contemporary romance that revolves around trusting one's heart, overcoming challenges and transformation

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A Good Brand Matters More Than a Strong Advertising Campaign Says The Versa Group

2015-06-13 | The Versa Group, a successful Denver based sales and marketing company, review the strength of a good brand and the impact it has on advertising campaigns.

A.R Discovery International Review Recent Study into the State of the US Economy

2015-06-13 | A recent report has suggested that the US economy is currently heading towards uncertain times. A.R Discovery International review the results and share why they don't fully agree with the findings.

O'Connor Marketing Explain How to Achieve a Work Life Balance

2015-06-13 | The majority of entrepreneurs believe that by becoming their own boss they will be able to manage the work life balance more effectively, but is this really the case? Sales and marketing firm O'Connor Marketing investigate.

Improve Business Productivity Using Vaeley Marketing's Top Tips

2015-06-13 | Happiness breeds a positive attitude and improves productivity. There is even a TED Talk on the subject by Shawn Achor called "The Happiness Advantage". Vaeley Marketing shares their advice for staying happy and improving productivity.

Supreme Equity Marketing Reviews Jacksonville's Contribution to Making Florida the Second Best State for Business

2015-06-13 | Direct sales and marketing specialists in Jacksonville, Supreme Equity Marketing, reviews the city's contribution to helping Florida rank the second best state for business.

Alba International Unveils How to Create a Strategic Growth Strategy

2015-06-13 | Most businesses share a common goal of wanting to grow, however many fail to put in place a strategic growth plan. Alba International, Sydney based direct marketing specialists, have experienced tremendous growth since their launch in January.

Chattanooga Watermelon Ninja Turns Author

2015-06-13 | His new book Back to Health America just released

New Building and Location for Shimco Headquarters Announced

2015-06-13 | Plans are underway to move company headquarters to Cambridge, Ontario.

Jennifer Lang, Award Winning Author Of Political Thriller 'The Whistle-Blower's Confession', Now Appearing On The Authors Show

2015-06-13 | As an author and advocate, Lang turns her personal struggles into motivation to spread awareness about the use of 'secret' GMOs in food.

NeoMetrix To Offer No Cost 3D Scanning Services

2015-06-13 | NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc., a proven leader in 3D, has announced plans to offer no cost 3d scanning services for a limited time in order to help expand awareness of this technology in engineering and manufacturing.

Great Lakes Label Honored to be Awarded the 2015 Premier Supplier Award from Steelcase, Inc.

2015-06-13 | On June 9th, Steelcase held a reception in the Steelcase University facility to recognize twenty businesses for their exceptional work and contributions towards their success. Great Lakes Label LLC. was one of them.

Responsive Web Content Management Simplified

2015-06-13 | Creating a professional website has never been easier! Onison is proud to announce its biggest upgrade to its Content Management System, TAGGON.