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June 14, 2015

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Are you Tough Enough for Entrepreneurship? Asks Global Events & Marketing Pty

2015-06-14 | Entrepreneurship is no easy feat and many have been taken by surprise by just how tough navigating success can be. Global Events & Marketing (GEM Pty) has shared why it's so important to enter entrepreneurship with the correct mind set.

CroMex USA Host Inspirational Workshop on the 8 Secrets of Success

2015-06-14 | Inspired by Richard St John's Ted Talk on the 8 secrets of success, CroMex USA hosted a workshop on the subject in order to motivate their sales representatives into achieving their goals and becoming better business professionals.

CroMex Reveals How to Make the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

2015-06-14 | Although many dream about the day they become their own boss, the reality of entrepreneurship can be incredibly daunting and the responsibilities can break entrepreneurs if they aren't fully prepared.

Team of Eye Doctors in New Jersey Adds Optometrist to Practice

2015-06-14 | Outlook Eyecare, a Princeton ophthalmology practice with locations in Monroe and the Hamilton area, has added optometrist Dr. Elisa Bano to its team.

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Green Edge Systems Presents 'School Menu Today' All-In-One Digital School Menu Board System

2015-06-14 | Green Edge System's 'School Menu Today', simple to operate platform to publish school menus on digital menu boards in school cafes, on mobile phones, school nutrition websites, menus on smart board in the classroom and on other school digital signage

Bayside Restaurant to Launch "Dine & Ride" - Complimentary Shuttle Service to Hyatt's Summer Concert Series Beginning June 19

2015-06-14 | Bayside Restaurant in Newport Beach is offering "Dine & Ride," a complimentary round-trip shuttle service for patrons dining before the Friday night concerts.

Channel Islands Harbor 50th Anniversary Adds More Fun to 4th of July Festivities

2015-06-14 | In honor of this year's 50th Anniversary, the July 4th fireworks promise to dazzle with an extended extravaganza.

EY Announces Award Winners for Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Orange County

2015-06-14 | Orange County business leaders at world's most prestigious business competition for entrepreneurs.