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June 27, 2015

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Guri Tech, the Leader in Injection Molding

2015-06-27 | It has set its goal to become the leader in precision molding, which contributes to the government's foundation technology, and it is infusing plenty of eco-friendly factors to contribute to the innovation of clients' manufacturing foundation.

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Jinyang Oilseal as the Next-gen Oilseal Manufacturer

2015-06-27 | With its eco-friendly and high-performing auto parts, it is contributing to saving cost with its durability, and continues to work on using advanced technology through the development of new materials.

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Ohdae Metal's Superior Metal Processing Techniques

2015-06-27 | It has over 300 production, measurement, and testing equipment in the manufacturing line, which makes it possible to take a complete production project, from material production, cutting, grinding, plating, painting, to surface heat treatment.

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Yousung, the "Laser Cutting-edge" Company

2015-06-27 | Yousung is currently doing projects on all sectors of construction including new construction, extension, remodeling, house building, factories, and assembling awning and canopies.

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Interview] YTEC as a Frontrunner of Robot Components

2015-06-27 | YTECH processes components for industrial cartesian coordinate robots and servo motors, and provides them to LS Mecapion and Samic THK.

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[Daegu TP Precision Forming Special Interview] Yujin Tech's Specialty with Waterjet

2015-06-27 | Yujin Tech started as the company which specializes in water pressure cutting with waterjet, and has expanded its business spectrum to auto parts, rails, transportation facilities, and shipbuilding parts.

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Clarion Hotel & Conference Center North Atlanta Offers Affordable Lodging for Eastman Gun Show

2015-06-27 | The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center North Atlanta offers affordable lodging to dealers and guests attending the Eastman Gun Show in Atlanta on June 27-28, 2015.

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St Tropez House Featured As Region's Top Holiday Rental Service

2015-06-27 | St Tropez House Founder Featured As a Top Property Professional By Hotel De Paris Magazine in St Tropez France

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Ric Flitton Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Business Management

2015-06-27 | Mr. Flitton is the man behind Preservanade: an all-in-one cooking and preserving condiment

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Michael J. Shevlin Recognized for Excellence with Induction into Worldwide Registry

2015-06-27 | He has been selected by his peers as a Virginia Super Lawyer for Medical Malpractice each year since 2008

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Dylann Roof, The Charleston Slayings And The Need For Forgiveness - Author David Ingerson Issues Statement

2015-06-27 | A recent segment of Brett Baier's Special Report, hosted by Chris Wallace, covered the church slayings in Charleston, SC. Can we forgive such a grievous act? David Ingerson, author of 'The Caleb Years', shows us we can - indeed we must.

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Be Interactive Pty: Are You Fearless Enough to Be a Small Business Owner?

2015-06-27 | Becoming a small business owner is tough and the new responsibility and pressure can become overwhelming. However sales and marketing firm Be Interactive Pty believe that as long as a person is fearless, then success can easily be achieved.

Helen Poutikidis of Outsource Australia: How Public Speaking Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

2015-06-27 | Helen Poutikidis, managing director of outsourced sales and marketing firm Outsource Australia outlines how speaking at industry events made her a better entrepreneur.

Event Horizon Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Your Customer Experience is Failing

2015-06-27 | Experts in personalized marketing, Event Horizon Marketing outlines three reasons why a company's customer experience strategy is failing, and promote their services that guarantee memorable and positive experiences for consumers. Puts More Baby Gifts on its Home Page

2015-06-27 | To start with, has ten categories from which customers can source cheaply prized but amazing gifts.

| Attachments Pays Attention to the Special Needs of Chess Enthusiasts

2015-06-27 | The best gifts are those which concede with the recipient's interests.

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Sports Leagues Merchandiser Major Sale on Sports Section

2015-06-27 | Very few people do not have a sport they connect to. To prove it, TV channels and websites which broadcast sports news and live games have the attention of a large audience and subsequently, they rake in revenues in the millions every year.

| Attachments Announces that it will Keep Loyal to Jewelry for its Entire Lifetime

2015-06-27 | is reputed not only for its exquisite jewelry collection, but also for its personalization services.

| Attachments Focus on Better Living by Censoring its Merchandise Closely

2015-06-27 | Apparently, all the gifts which are sold at are about entertainment and comfort.

| Attachments Offers Free Home Appraisal Special

2015-06-27 | is currently offering a free home appraisal special.