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June 29, 2015

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Media Executives Recognize FreeCast as an Alternative to Nielsen Ratings

2015-06-29 | FreeCast has begun accepting clients for its upcoming data services offering, expected to provide a clearer picture of online audiences.

BrickControl, Construction Estimating Software for General Contractors

2015-06-29 | BrickControl, a European cloud estimating project management software, enters the US market

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Flex Releases FSA, HSA, HRA Report, Identifies ACA Impacts for Employers

2015-06-29 | Report on consumer-driven accounts provides trends and predictions with the Cadillac Tax looming and private exchanges surging

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Local Business to Honor Military Brides With Free Gowns

2015-06-29 | Operation Wedding Gown Kick Off

Jury Sends a Message Against Baseless Lawsuits with Quick Telephone Consumer Protection Lawsuit Verdict

2015-06-29 | Rare defense jury verdict awarded favoring debt collector Credit Protection Association, LP in US District Court in Eastern Michigan.

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Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Receives 2014 Gold BBB Star

2015-06-29 | Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is proud to announce it has received a Gold Star Rating on BBB

Gary Michael Idelchik, MD, FACC, Honored for Excellence in Cardiology

2015-06-29 | Dr. Idelchik's passions for physics and chemistry led him to pursue a career in medicine

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Andrew Glyptis Honored for Excellence in Medicine

2015-06-29 | Dr. Glyptis specializes in the treatment and management of infectious diseases

NewBlue Teams Up with Director Alex Allgood on "Dog Thoughts"

2015-06-29 | Short film showcases the power, efficiency and flexibility of New Titler Pro 4

Laughter through Tears

2015-06-29 | It is said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. In 2015, the Auschwitz extermination camp, known worldwide, endured repetition of the past tragedy as a farce.

AnyTranscription Upgrades its Speech Recognition Technology to Offer Improved Speech Recognition Services

2015-06-29 | AnyTranscription greatly improves the speed and accuracy of transcription by expanding its speech and word corpus resources and utilizing a weighted finite-state transducer (WFST) decoding network base.

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Lyndsay Pace Set to Release New Single, "Sick Day" this July

2015-06-29 | Malta native Lyndsay Pace announces the release of her new single.

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The Soggy Po' Boys Announce Summer Tour, New Album

2015-06-29 | The Soggy Po' Boys create a vibrant sonic melange that fuels emotions and feeds the soul.

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Women Grow Atlanta Welcomes Charlo Greene and Rep. Allen Peake for Cannabis Industry event on July 7

2015-06-29 | Leading GA activist, legislator to headline community education event for women leaders in Atlanta cannabis industry

"Girls With Curls Get Techy With New Beauty Startup, Curly Crush"

2015-06-29 | Combining the world of beauty with technology is every girl's dream. That day has come with the launch of the beauty startup, Curly Crush.

If President Obama Wants His Bully Pulpit to Really Change America; He Will Have to Figure Out How to Address the Miseducated Brains of the Masses. Current Addressing of the Mind Changes Nothing

2015-06-29 | Any wonder that President Obama's truly inspiring speeches are ineffective & change nothing. There is the opportunity of the presidential bully pulpit to change America from an emotionally challenged society to an emotionally healthy super power.