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July 24, 2015

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Hastings & Hastings Grieves Over the Death of Kalief Browder

2015-07-24 | Kalief Browder, who has been called a martyr of due process, and a symbol for the broken criminal justice system in New York City by The New Yorker, hung himself at his parent's home in New York City.

Diet Doc Outlines the Dangers of Illegal Online hCG and other Online Diet Products

2015-07-24 | Diet Doc does not support the internet sale of online hCG or other online diet products that do not include medical supervision, a doctor evaluation and a valid doctor prescription

King Ice Launches Sriracha Hot Sauce Bottle Necklace

2015-07-24 | King Ice releases a new 14k gold Sriracha necklace featuring the iconic hot sauce bottle.

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How Donald Trump Thinks: Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., International Best-selling Author of "Optimal Thinking" Announces Her Analysis of Mr. Trump's Recent Pronouncements

2015-07-24 | Trump's presidential campaign has rocked the political world. Having studied the thinking styles of thousands of key executives, Dr. Glickman analyzes two of his most critical speeches to determine how he thinks and issues him a worthy challenge.

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King Ice Launches Sriracha Sauce Bottle Pendant

2015-07-24 | King Ice Launches Its 14K Gold Plated Sriracha Inspired Bottle Pendant

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Brightwater in Huntington Beach Features A Family-Friendly Enclave

2015-07-24 | Luxury Homes In Azurene Neighborhood Offer Many Advantages to Orange County Families

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Richard R. St-Onge Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Corporate and Residential Security

2015-07-24 | Richard St-Onge was awarded the Canadian Contingent Commander's Commendation for exemplary professionalism, exceptional conduct and personal initiative displayed during a tour of duty

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Ted French, HCS, has been Named a Professional of the Year in Workforce Management

2015-07-24 | Mr. French draws upon 14 years of industry experience to drive business for Workforce Insight

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William Joseph Ward Recognized by Worldwide Registry for Excellence in Construction Law

2015-07-24 | William Joseph Ward celebrates 25 years of consistent AV preeminent peer review ratings as a Martindale-Hubbell attorney

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Despite Knowing Dangers, More Than Half of Richmond Teens Admit to Texting While Driving

2015-07-24 | Marks & Harrison releases survey highlighting dangers of distracted driving

Litchfield Jazz Festival Announces it's 20th Anniversary Aug 7-9

2015-07-24 | For the past 20 years, the Litchfield Jazz Festival has become a place of pilgrimage for the world's finest improvising musicians, students of the art form, and fans who like music that mixes with beauty and adventure.

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Disparti Law Group Seeks Justice for Family of Man Killed Hit-and-Run Accident

2015-07-24 | Disparti Investigates Pedestrian Accident that Led to Wrongful Death of Terrell Walker

Hawthorne Dental Offices, South Bay Dental Studio, is Offering Free Consultations for Dental Implants

2015-07-24 | South Bay Dental Studio is now offering free consultations to patients looking to see if dental implants are right for them.

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Institute of Vedic Astrology : Futurology has a Bright Future

2015-07-24 | Institute of Vedic Astrology has been established with the objective to impart systematic education on various disciplines of Futurology and harnessing positive Energy.

If You Have these 12 Traits You're Guaranteed Success Says Vozel Inc.

2015-07-24 | Direct sales and marketing firm Vozel Inc. in Detroit outlines the twelve key traits that all successful people have in common.

Frances Fuller, Award Winning Author Of 'In Borrowed Houses', Thanks Lebanese-American Organization ATFL And Relates An Amazing Story

2015-07-24 | Frances Fuller's award-winning memoir, 'In Borrowed Houses', gives readers a penetrating glimpse of the Middle East from the inside. She puts a face on the Middle East many Americans have not yet seen

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The Gillespie Group Completes Large nora Rubber Flooring Installation at College Campus in Under Two Weeks

2015-07-24 | Brookdale Community College selects The Gillespie Group for Installation of Flooring at its Academic Registration Building.

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PG Real Estate CMS - Results of the contest "Win a license of PG Real Estate"

2015-07-24 | PilotGroup.NET, a developer of ready solutions for business, held a contest called "The real estate market and the Internet" in June 2013. Find the contest results in this article.