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August 20, 2015

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Mississippi Mesothelioma Victims Center is Now Urging a Diagnosed Victim in Mississippi to Not Take Compensation for Granted and to Call Them For Instant access to the Nation's Top Lawyers

2015-08-20 | The Center says, "A diagnosed victim of mesothelioma in Mississippi should never settle for pennies on the dollar because they made they mistake of hiring the wrong law firm. Call us first for instant access to the nation's top lawyers."

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Hastings and Hastings Offers Advice for Aspiring Law Students

2015-08-20 | There are millions of students attending undergraduate school with hopes of practicing law someday. Indeed, the legal field remains one of the oldest, most lucrative, most honorable profession

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A New Muslim Marriage Website

2015-08-20 | The genuine and authentic way to find your other half

Korea-developed Chrome Extension Finds Associated Words

2015-08-20 | Big data venture Twinword released Chrome extension "Twinword Finder". This browser search tool reads web pages by understanding searcher intent and shows only relevant paragraphs to users.

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Diet Doc Patients Report Extreme Weight Loss Results with Doctor-Designed, Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs that Include Specially Formulated Prescription Diet Products, Including Saxenda

2015-08-20 | Because Diet Doc is a medical weight loss program, they can offer their patients more than a typical diet plan. Their patients report extreme weight loss results with diet plans and prescription diet products that now include Saxenda for weight loss

The Only Cannabis-friendly Network You Will Want To Be A Part Of

2015-08-20 | CannaSOS is a social marijuana resource for cannabis experts and enthusiasts that provides education, strain information, statistics, medical research, directory of doctors and dispensaries of medical cannabis worldwide.

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Navy SEAL Shot 27 Times Speaks for First Time in Scottsdale, Arizona

2015-08-20 | Navy SEAL Mike Day Becomes and Epidemic of Hope and Inspires Hollywood Star Chris Pratt

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Nichols Kaster, PLLP and National Consumer Law Center Win Appeal on Behalf of Student Loan Borrowers Wrongly Charged Collection Costs

2015-08-20 | Plaintiff filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of herself and other student loan borrowers against USA Funds for breach of contract and violations of the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act

St. Louis Rams Captain, Chris Long, and NFL Leaders Select Worldserve International as Fundraising Beneficiary

2015-08-20 | Funds raised by NFL players and fans will build water wells in Tanzania, bringing relief to tens of thousands in need of clean water.

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BMGI Releases On-Demand Course on Strategic Planning via Hoshin Kanri

2015-08-20 | On-demand course covers proven methodology for strategic planning and execution.

EZTalks Releases Brand New iOS App to Join a Meeting for Free on iOS Devices

2015-08-20 | EZTalks iOS App 1.1.4 Released for Joining a Meeting for Free on All iOS Devices

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Chattanooga: Stofan Appointed to Mid-South Board of Directors

2015-08-20 | The attorneys at Clark and Washington are proud to have one of their own sit on the prestigious board.

Meso Takes A Hike

2015-08-20 | 4th Annual 5K Walk/Hike for Mesothelioma Research on Mesothelioma Awareness Day

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Michael Momont, MD, Recognized for Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery

2015-08-20 | Dr. Momont finds success with his patient-centered focus

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Getting Smart Releases Smart Parents Book

2015-08-20 | New Resource Published to Help Inform, Involve and Inspire Parenting for Powerful Learning

Brian Ricci Included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016 in the Fields of Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs and Workers' Compensation Law - Claimants

2015-08-20 | Ricci selected by his peers for inclusion in Best Lawyers 2016 for Greenville, North Carolina, metropolitan area

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Lean Six Sigma eLearning for Today's High-Performing People and Businesses

2015-08-20 | BMGI releases more accessible, supportive Lean Six Sigma eLearning products

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Introducing MayatiGig, A Mobile App that Enables Instant Job Matching & Notification between Job Seekers & Job Providers

2015-08-20 | You love Social Networks because they let you Instantaneously know what's happening with your friends, family, or co-workers... How about a mobile app that lets you Instantaneously know about your dream Job that might forever change your career!

Delphian School Places Top 10 in Niche Rankings Best Private High Schools in Oregon

2015-08-20 | Best Private High Schools ranks 3,880 high schools based on key student statistics and more than 120,000 opinions from 16,000 students and parents, and Delphian School placed in the Top 10 list for Oregon.

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Dr. John DeFilippis Issues Christian Response To Planned Parenthood Videos

2015-08-20 | DeFilippis believes our society has reached an all-time low and that it is time for Christians to take the lead in reversing this decline. If we fail, he believes "our children will inherit a depraved, soulless society that is destined to implode."

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