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September 30, 2015

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Financial Gravity Holdings Hires Director of Wealth Management

2015-09-30 | Financial Gravity expands team with addition of Kevin Schillo to lead Wealth Management and Compliance

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Soberlink to Attend and Support at Unite to Face Addiction

2015-09-30 | Soberlink will join the recovery community at a rally for nationwide reform

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2015-09-30 | NASA Studies Physical Performance After Spaceflight

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Learning How Muscle Cells Feel the Pull of Gravity

2015-09-30 | An investigation on the International Space Station to learn more about exactly how cells sense gravity could help scientists figure out ways to prevent that muscle loss, in space and on Earth.

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Sequencing DNA in the Palm of Your Hand

2015-09-30 | A tiny new device called the MinION , developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies, promises to help scientists sequence DNA in space. NASA's Biomolecule Sequencer investigation is a technology demonstration of the device.

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Hastings & Hastings Warns of Inclement Summer Weather

2015-09-30 | Arizona is safe from many of the world's worst natural disasters. Phoenicians do not have to worry about being caught in a hurricane, washed away by Tsunami, or consumed by an earthquake.

Mesothelioma Compensation Center Expands Their Unsurpassed Services Focused On Making Certain That Diagnosed Power Plant/Refinery and Industrial Workers Don't Roll The Dice On A Settlement

2015-09-30 | The Mesothelioma Compensation Center is now expanding their initiative and targeting refinery, power plant, utility, and industrial workers diagnosed with this rare cancer with information on the nation's top lawyers for a much better settlement.

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Africa Supplies Green Electricity - Completion of World's Largest Building-integrated OPV System

2015-09-30 | Solar design at the African Union Peace and Security Building in Addis Ababa

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Aces Marketing Completes First Year with InfoTech's Media Management System for Direct Response Campaign Management

2015-09-30 | Aces Marketing, a leading direct response agency in Englewood, Colorado, completes its first year of direct response campaign management using InfoTech's Web-based MMS (Media Management System).

The Art of the Steal: The Museum Heist--a New Novel "Solves" the Biggest Real-Life Crime in History

2015-09-30 | Kameel Nasr's new novel about Boston's famed Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art theft is a pulsating tale of historical fiction that does for the high-end art world what The Da Vinci Code did for religion.

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Attend Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina Football Game and Stay at Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter Hotel

2015-09-30 | Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter hotel, located near Dunwoody, Georgia, offers premium accommodations for fans attending the Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina football game on October 3.

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Attend Newberry SC Oktoberfest and Stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites

2015-09-30 | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Newberry, South Carolina offers affordable lodging for Newberry's Oktoberfest celebration on October 3, 2015.

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Hampton Inn Gaffney Offers Close Lodging for Limestone College Homecoming

2015-09-30 | The Hampton Inn Gaffney SC offers close lodging for fans attending Limestone College 2015 Homecoming on October 10.

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Intellect SEEC introduces Intellect Risk Analyst - The First-ever Virtual Assistant for Underwriters

2015-09-30 | Accurate Risk Assessment Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Jaques Landry Honored for Excellence in Polygraph Interviews

2015-09-30 | Mr. Landry conducts interviews and interrogations for major crime investigations

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Curtis Naumann Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Product Development and Innovation

2015-09-30 | An inventor and entrepreneur, Mr. Naumann is proud to announce the launch of OLITUS

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Hickey Law Firm Launches Redesigned Website

2015-09-30 | Legal practice website features consumer resources on personal injury law, cruise ship litigation

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Wadden Construction Selected for "Top 550 Home Improvement Companies"

2015-09-30 | Wadden Construction of Herndon, VA and Burtonsville, MD, has again been honored with recognition by Remodeling Magazine in its selection of "Top 550 Home Improvement Contractors" in the United States.