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June 27, 2016

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Where do Cycles Come From?

2016-06-27 | Astrology is the only discipline that makes a serious stab at explaining this mystery

Mesothelioma Victims Center Offers New Results-Driven Service for US Navy Veterans with Mesothelioma Focused On Ensuring They Have the Very Best Attorneys for Compensation

2016-06-27 | The Mesothelioma Victims Center wants to ensure a US Navy Veteran with confirmed mesothelioma is actually talking to the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys to ensure they get a much better compensation settlement

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Texas Recruiter Highlights 5 Steps to Increase Success In 2016's Challenging Recruiting Environment

2016-06-27 | Talent shortages, skills deficiencies, leadership issues, succession planning. The competition for top quality candidates is much greater today.

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Dr. Gerald F. Dionne Recognized for Excellence in Physics and Engineering

2016-06-27 | Dr. Dionne is the author of the text book "Magnetic Oxides," (Springer) and has contributed numerous articles to science journals

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Monica Laudermilk, Ph.D., is Recognized by Worldwide Branding For Excellence in Nutritional Science

2016-06-27 | Dr. Laudermilk currently serves as the Senior Director of Research at EXOS, where she handles all of the analytic reporting and research for the company

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Top Digital Marketing & Sales Trainer, Steve Stauning Launches Free Live Webcast Series

2016-06-27 | Undeniable Advantage marks the first comprehensive free live training that will actually deliver real-world tactics and strategies your team can employ today!

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DMG Co Host Workshop on The 10 Traits for Success That Don't Require Any Talent

2016-06-27 | Providence based outsourced sales and marketing firm DMG Co believe that everyone has the ability to be a success. The firm are committed to the development of everyone they work with, and this week they hosted a workshop on the 10 traits for success

The Inside Scoop on Successful Scaling by ARMI, Inc.

2016-06-27 | ARMI, Inc. reviews five core elements that every entrepreneur should utilize to help their businesses grow faster, as well as sustain that long-term growth.

The Plato Group Asks, "Is Your Language Turning Your Customers Off?"

2016-06-27 | Direct sales and marketing firm The Plato Group investigates into some of the most common words used in the marketing industry that have actually been proven to turn customers away rather than entice them.

MarketStorm Global: The 3 Biggest Sales Leadership Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

2016-06-27 | It's natural for sales professionals to promote and utilize their strengths, however, overusing them can have serious implications on sales success, outlines MarketStorm Global. The firm reviews the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Executive Marketing Media Run Business Trip to Philadelphia Ahead of Planned Expansion

2016-06-27 | Massachusetts-based sales and marketing firm, Executive Marketing Media has organized a business trip to Philadelphia ahead of their planned expansion to the city.

Are You Just Busy or Productive? Asks Eventit Pty

2016-06-27 | There is great difference between being busy and productive. Some people are great at making themselves look busy while actually getting nothing done. Eventit Pty, outsourced sales and marketing specialists in Sydney, investigates busy vs productive.

Eventit Pty: Make Sure You Know the Difference Between Busy-ness and Productivity

2016-06-27 | Sales and marketing firm Eventit Pty are keen to address the difference between being busy and being productive to help entrepreneurs have a more successful year.

O'Connor Marketing Launch New Website

2016-06-27 | O'Connor Marketing have launched a newly designed website, the product of a complete digital makeover. The new website showcases company updates, news and industry trends, as well their expertise, internal recommendations and much more.

The Switch Evolution Display Vote of Confidence in Young Entrepreneurs

2016-06-27 | The Switch Evolution has voiced their views on why they believe young people make better entrepreneurs than their older peers.

CBP Certifications - Now Available at 400+ Training Centers with 60+ serving the MENA Region

2016-06-27 | The CBP Certifications courses are developed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) and delivered through a huge network of 400+ Authorized Training Partners in USA, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, and all over the world.

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Author Angela J. Townsend Announces Second Book and Motion Picture in The Forlorned Series

2016-06-27 | Award winning, best selling author, Angela J. Townsend announces the second book and Motion Picture in The Forlorned Series.

Harry Lee, Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP & Managing Consultant Joins Conexus SG

2016-06-27 | Conexus SG is proud to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP, Harry Lee has officially joined the Conexus SG team.

Dollar Tactical Supply Launches New eCommerce Store For Knife Collectors and Outdoor Enthusiasts

2016-06-27 | Offering Tens of Thousands of Product Ranging from Knives, Ammo, Apparel, Lights, and Camping Equipment, Dollar Tactical Supply can be your one-stop shop for anything you need for the outdoors. With new site search and an easy to navigate template.

Author and Iraq War Veteran Transforms PTSD Struggle into Literature with Debut Novel

2016-06-27 | Elijah Pepper to bring forth debut work, after rising from rock bottom.