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August 21, 2016

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Demon Apocalypse? Pernicious-The Breakthrough is a New Book on Kindle for 3.99. Worth the Read

2016-08-21 | New author writes a book about a different kind of catastrophe, a demon apocalypse. Wrought with action and suspense. The book allows the reader to feel what the characters feel, and see what they see. An interesting book to say the least.

MarketStorm Global: 10 Simple Steps To Becoming A Millennial Millionaire

2016-08-21 | Miami's premier marketing agency, MarketStorm Global believes that a lot of people have great ideas and plans for the future, but are holding back for a variety of reasons.

UKAUS Pty Review 7 Types of Entrepreneur Behaviour

2016-08-21 | It takes a lot of special qualities to succeed in entrepreneurship. Here, UKAUS Pty has looked into the behaviours that drive entrepreneurial success.

Quadsimia Develops New Responsive Website for Redeeming Restoration

2016-08-21 | New site can now be optimally viewed on a tablet or mobile device

Top Country Music Singer, Sammy Sadler Shoots IN AMERICA Country Music Video in Texas

2016-08-21 | Worldwide Release on YouTube Labor Day 2016

First Time Filmmaker Gets National Exposure

2016-08-21 | Local Filmmaker Tanya Fermin gets national exposure from her first film called "The Arrangements" as the writer, director and producer.

Unlock Your Hidden Memories at Past Life Regression Workshop

2016-08-21 | Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ena Reinbold, and MAPC-Professional Counselor/Hypnotherapist, Olga Abbas, will be holding a Past Life Regression Workshop at Harumi Yoga on September 10th, 2016.

Visual Collaboration Released To Commemorate Late Rapper Stew

2016-08-21 | To preserve and showcase the musical work of late Indianapolis rapper Stew, the music video compilation #GinaHuntFlow has been released one year after his passing.