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November 26, 2017

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Swift's Reputation Means Everything This Cyber Monday

2017-11-26 | What does Swift's first released songs have to do with this upcoming Cyber Monday? Let's find out!

ELSE Corp's Virtual Retail wins Digital Award 2017 at the Coraggio di Innovare

2017-11-26 | There were six winners in six categories last night at the Coraggio di Innovare (Courage to Innovate) - Digital Award 2017; and ELSE Corp, with its key concept called Virtual Retail, was one of them.

European Waterways Announces 'Back-to-Back' Two-Week Hotel Barge Cruises

2017-11-26 | Company Offers Two-Week Hotel Barge Cruises for Longer Wine Tours in Burgundy and Champagne, France. Includes One Free Night at a Luxury Hotel in Paris.

David meets Goliath as New Hollywood Writer/Producer Franco Masada takes on Monsanto with his 1st Script of 5 Entitled, "The Birthright"

2017-11-26 | Based on true stories of Monsanto's monopoly of major crops and GMO's link to the increase of cancer and now possibly autism, Franco Masada creates a fictional 21st century 'Joseph the Dreamer" autistic computer genius to save the world from GMO!