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July 02, 2007

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Image Catalog Royalty Free Stock Photography Site Now Offers Exclusive Images Option To Photographers

2007-07-02 | Exclusive high quality, royalty free images, now at

Colorado Springs School District Selects Adesta to Construct Fiber-Optic Infrastructure.

2007-07-02 | Adesta helps Colorado Springs School District #11 meet their technological needs.

Non-Destructive Testing Specialist: In-depth Analysis Vital Before Beginning Masonry Repair

2007-07-02 | Structural Assessment by Atkinson-Noland & Associates helped ensure long-term stability of historic building in New Orleans' French Quarter using non-destructive testing.

Celebrate your Freedom this Fourth of July by going Clothes Free at a Nudist Resort

2007-07-02 | In a survey from Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell/Yankelovich Partners, 12% of adults consider resorts offering a nude recreation experience extremely desirable. Compared to 10% wanting golf, and 6% wanting tennis, it is easy to see why vacationing at nudist resorts is very popular.

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Stealth Adapted Cytomegalovirus Infections as a Cause of Autism

2007-07-02 | Autism can result from congenital infection with viruses that evade the immune system. These viruses are termed "stealth adapted." Some stealth viruses arose from simian cytomegalovirus contaminants of polio vaccines. Infections can be suppressed through an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway.