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July 16, 2008

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Oddpodz launches site for creative professionals and business with an idea engine. Not another social network, career/job brokerage platform or lowest-cost project bidding site, but a destination for buyers and sellers of creative services with content, connections and collaboration tools.

2008-07-16 | Oddpodz relaunches and introduces an online destination called the Idea Engine that connects buyers of creative services with trusted providers, and offers educational content on marketing, creativity and growing businesses along with a robust creative community for collaboration.

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Fairinvestment reveal fixed rate mortgages still popular despite rates

2008-07-16 | Fairinvestment research has revealed that fixed rate mortgages are remaining popular, despite average costs of borrowing reaching a 10 year high

Bowmark Entrepreneurs' Index shows sharp fall in optimism by SMEs

2008-07-16 | The latest Bowmark Entrepreneurs' Index, a survey of UK small and medium-sized businesses, shows that their mood has become distinctly gloomy in the past six months

Intrepid Travel Announces Asia Adventure Trips Accommodating Olympic Travelers

2008-07-16 | Intrepid Travel offers Olympic extension trips.

Research Shows Females Require Less Calories Than Males

2008-07-16 | Research from the National Academy of Sciences shows that when identical variables are used to compare estimated calorie requirements for males and females (i.e. age, height, weight, etc.), females need less calories to maintain the same weight as a male.

EUROMED PUTS SILVER ON THE FRONTLINE OF WOUND CARE Introducing SureSkin III Silver Hydrocolloid Dressing

2008-07-16 | EuroMed Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of wound care management products, has added a new product to its SureSkin line of hydrocolloid dressings, and in doing so, has launched a new offensive against chronic and acute wounds.

New Moon Girl Media Expands Media Offerings: Established Magazine Publisher Announces Online Community for Girls Ages 8 - 12 Launching

2008-07-16 | New Moon Girl Media, publishers of international New Moon Girls magazine partners with Silicon Valley technology accelerator MonVia Inc. to launch site for tween and teen girls to develop their full potential through self-discovery, creativity, and community.

Business Start-ups...Serviced office or traditional lease?

2008-07-16 | For anyone starting a business, the to-do list is a long one, and that's an understatement. Where to work from is one of your first major considerations.

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Global Health Trax Admires Jenny McCarthy's Fight Against Autism; Sponsors Generation Rescue

2008-07-16 | Global Health Trax (GHT) flagship specialty probiotic product, ThreeLac, into her autistic son's nutritional regimen and shared her experience in her recently published book


2008-07-16 | More men than ever are interested in looking their best, and are looking to plastic surgeons and dermatologists to help them do just that. Can you help them? Probably. Can they find you? Maybe. If maybe isn't good enough, California plastic surgery copywriter Mike Roe wants to help you help them.

Singapore give green light to all-Expressway bike route for Ironman 70.3 triathlon

2008-07-16 | Asia's biggest triathlon of it's type, the Aviva Ironman 70.3 triathlon Singapore gets an even faster world class course, with an all-expressway bike route!