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March 27, 2009

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Atlantic Link Content Point Demonstration on FedEd TV

2009-03-27 | "I'll tell you it was one of the most comprehensive e-learning packages on the .Net platform I've seen... it was just amazing how quickly that was done," said Dave Gardy.

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Aer Lingus 999 Nudes And No Hidden Extras

2009-03-27 | Aer Lingus launches its new No Hidden Extras fare from Gatwick with 999 naked members of the public

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Europcar Warns Car Rentals Face Challenges As 1Car1 Goes Into Administration

2009-03-27 | Europcar has warned that the vehicle rental sector will face challenges as 1Car1 goes into administration

Free Satellite Dish- The Best Offers for a Free Satellite Dish

2009-03-27 | is excited to provide new information for the best free satellite dish offers, including reviews and side by side comparisons of the industry leaders.

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Silicone vs. Saline: How do These Implants Compare?

2009-03-27 | Until fairly recently, silicone implants were the only real choice available for breast augmentation or reconstruction. Chosen for its viscosity and texture, similar to natural fatty tissue, silicone gives a more realistic feel and shape to the breasts.

Restore Your Vision with ReStOR

2009-03-27 | If you are over the age of 40 you may be experiencing presbyopia. It is a condition that affects the eye's focusing ability. Reading glasses become necessary although distance vision remains clear.

Happy Vacations Launches Value-Added Destination Wedding Program

2009-03-27 | Fast-growing Happy Vacations announces the launch of its new Happy Vacations Destination Wedding Program.

Drive Safe Campaign From Cellhut Begins in April With Cell Phone Discounts

2009-03-27 | One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is gearing up for a Drive Safe Campaign and very special Unlocked Cell Phone discounts.

Write a Travel Review and Win Fabulous Prizes: Announces New Promotion

2009-03-27 | Discount hotel booking website invites hotel reviews and travelogues from travelers worldwide; offers fabulous prizes via a monthly lucky draw amongst selected contributors. The first lucky draw will be held on April 30, 2009.

Subside Sports Retain The Little Search Company As Search Agency

2009-03-27 | Subside Sports have announced that The Little Search Company will continue in its role as the retailers search engine optimisation agency in the UK, France, Germany and USA.

Featherlite Trailers Renovates Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's Mobile Exhibit

2009-03-27 | The redesigned The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's (VVMF) traveling exhibit, has been redesigned and is set to begin its tour schedule in April, following an unveiling ceremony March 26.

Archive Systems Announces Virtual Records Center, Release 4.0

2009-03-27 | New features and enhancements in the latest release of the Virtual Records Center help simplify the records management process.

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Park West Artist Yaacov Agam Builds Sculpture at Entrance to World Games Stadium

2009-03-27 | Innovative Kinetic Artist Honored by International World Games Association

Jacques van Rensburg Joins Forces with Carbon Copy Pro - This is a Great Day in Internet Marketing

2009-03-27 | Jacques has been looking for a legitimate business he could work from home, and has found it. Carbon Copy Pro is a group of internet marketers driven to be the best and highest paid in the world. Their goal is to create 100 millionaires by 2012, and Jacques states "I am going to be one of them."

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New Study Links Obesity to Dangerous Sleep Apnea in Truck Drivers - Learn the Symptoms and Treatment Options at

2009-03-27 | "Truck drivers with sleep apnea are much more likely to fall asleep at the wheel, and the condition is increasingly common as Americans become more obese," said the study's senior author, Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, at Cambridge Health Alliance, where the study was conducted.

Have Your Mortgage Cake and Eat It

2009-03-27 | Even under normal conditions it's difficult to decide whether to take a fixed or a variable rate mortgage, as it's hard to predict what interest rates will do next, but due to the current economic climate, it's even more difficult right now.

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The Crowd Dreams of Love - and Justice; New Novel Paints "Terrifying Portrait" of Citizen Outrage over Corruption and Greed

2009-03-27 | The Crowd Dreams of Love, a new and - viewed by some in Hollywood and literary circles -prophetic novel foresees ordinary citizens pulled into an underground revolution to fight a corrupt government that curtails civil rights, manipulates the media, imprisons the innocent and rewards the greedy.

Museum Way Pearls Offers Discounts On Classic Pieces Of Pearl Jewelry For Job Seekers

2009-03-27 | Dress the part for your next interview; Museum Way Pearls has discounted select pieces of pearl jewelry to help job seekers look impeccable.

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Brandgrow Launches New Multivariate Optimisation / Split Testing Service

2009-03-27 | Brandgrow Search Marketing has today announced the launch of its website conversion optimization service.

CraigsHarvest, Multi-Location Craigslist Search for iPhone

2009-03-27 | Another Roadside Attraction, LLC has released CraigsHarvest, the first multi-location search app for the iPhone.