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October 31, 2010

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XM Works, Inc. Announces the Launch of, an Online International Sales and Trade Management Platform

2010-10-31 | XM Trade offers subscribers direct access to over 15,000 international buyers in 100 countries via its own private virtual network.

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House of Fraser Announces New Lipsy Collection by Pixie Lott

2010-10-31 | House of Fraser announces the launch of Pixie Lott's new Autumn/Winter collection.

Prudential Reports Pensions Death Risk for Unprepared Couples

2010-10-31 | Prudential has reported that 52 per cent of adults aged 40+ who are not yet retired are at risk of losing pension income if their partner dies.

Bupa Reveal that Bad Sleeping Habits are Costing Employers Over GBP1 Billion

2010-10-31 | Bupa has revealed that workers getting too little sleep are costing the British workplace around GBP1.6 billion each year

Thistle Hotels Announces General Manager to Relocate to Kent

2010-10-31 | Thistle Hotels has announced that its star general manager Alan Whiteley will be relocated to Kent to manage the Thistle Brands Hatch property.

Sky Announces Sky+HD Party Offer

2010-10-31 | Sky is giving existing Sky+HD customers the opportunity to share the ultimate TV experience with their friends by hosting a Sky+HD Party, with Sky Box Office movies and GBP10 M&S vouchers up for grabs.

Prudential Announces Boost for Income Choice Annuity Awards

2010-10-31 | Prudential has announced it is increasing starting incomes by 1.5 per cent as guarantee costs fall on conventional annuities.

Restylane vs. Other Fillers

2010-10-31 | Restylane is well-liked for its texture and its ability to hold its shape.

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

2010-10-31 | These days, breast augmentation is so commonplace that it's almost a routine procedure for women. However, breast augmentation is still a plastic surgery that requires a recovery period and appropriate care to promote healing.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

2010-10-31 | Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition affecting the brain's ability to direct motor functions in the body, often leading to permanent physical disability.

Breast Augmentation for Correction of Asymmetry

2010-10-31 | Although it may be very noticeable to you, a slight difference in size or shape between your breasts is perfectly normal.

Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Solution?

2010-10-31 | People use all sorts of methods to combat unwanted body or facial hair. Shaving, waxing, and plucking traditional methods of hair removal, but have their drawbacks.

Questions about Brain and Head Injuries

2010-10-31 | Brain and head injuries can result in severe disability and wrongful death in the vulnerable nursing home resident. Many head trauma and brain injury cases are reported each year in the United States.

You're No Match for the Professional Insurance Adjuster and the Insurance Company

2010-10-31 | Being involved in an accident where the other party was at fault is a scary and devastating experience.

Yes, You Can Get Tax-Free LASIK

2010-10-31 | Most people know by now that the world is not black and white; it's mostly shades of gray. Lots of places may advertise as having something for free, but there's nearly always a caveat. To get that sixth sandwich for free, you have to buy five.

Questions To Ask Your Family Dentist

2010-10-31 | If you have been injured in an accident, you may be confused about what your next steps should be. You may feel pressure from the at-fault party's insurance company to sign papers and give them a statement about the accident.

Announcing The TechniTrader Premier Event for 2010

2010-10-31 | Cloud Training Session for Traders: Finding and Analyzing Stocks to Trade Using the TechniTrader Process for Trading.

La Nina Weather Pattern Means a High Likelihood of an Epic Heli-Ski Season for Heliskiing Review

2010-10-31 | Meteorologists and weather experts around the globe are predicting that the winter of 2010-11 could represent the strongest La Nina weather event since 1955!

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Almeida and Bell Dental Offers a Sweet Swap This Halloween!

2010-10-31 | Exchange your candy for cash at Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center this Halloween and sweeten the day for the troops overseas.

New Jersey Top Dentist Offers Denta Co2 And Mercury Free Fillings

2010-10-31 | Dr. Ivan Stein continues to offer the latest in safe and efficient dental care with the introduction of DENTA Co2 Laser and Mercury Free Fillings.