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December 07, 2012

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Visionary in Unpadded Whiteboard Room Affirms 21 Dec is the Beginning of the End - Reaches Out to 99 Influencers for Their Thoughts Via Twitter

2012-12-07 | Scott Townsend, a crazy visionary in an unpadded whiteboard room, says "it's the end of the world as we know it, but not like the movie."

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New Platform for Doctorates of Business Administration (DBA): How Do You Identify a Quality Program in the Absence of Rankings?

2012-12-07 | How do you assess the quality of a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in the absence of rankings? The new website DBA Compass provides guidelines for professionals who look for part-time doctoral programs in management.

Barratts' Blogger of the Week Goes Global!

2012-12-07 | Leading British high street shoe retailer Barratts are expanding their search across the globe to find the best fashion bloggers on the web.

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Now Offering Affordable Medical Alert Service by HBD Business Solution

2012-12-07 | HBD Business Solutions now offers affordable Medical Alert Service. More than half of all fall related incidents occur in the home and that is why getting help quickly can reduce complications and maintain independence.

Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Grammar Tips - Further or Farther?

2012-12-07 | This one causes confusion for a lot of people. The simplest way to approach it is to use farther when you are talking about physical distance and further when speaking figuratively.

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Nicaragua Participates in the 2012 Outsource to LAC

2012-12-07 | Nicaragua is currently participating in the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Offshoring and Outsourcing Summit, whose objective is to promote the development of the outsourcing and offshoring industry in the region.

Gene Went From Terminal Illness to Hearing His Surgeon Say "You Are Already Healed!" in Six Weeks

2012-12-07 | In 2010, Pastor Gene was told he only had four to six weeks to live. Tomorrow he will be named the President of an international company.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Romance: Holiday Romantic Gift Guide 2013 and Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Women

2012-12-07 | Curvy Allure official blog site presents Holiday Gift Shopping Guide with romantic gift ideas for three different women personality types to choose from. Find romantic lingerie gifts on-line for someone special in your life that you also will enjoy.

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Nuvotech Releases Hollywood Blockbuster Plugins for Movie Outline 3

2012-12-07 | UK technology company Nuvotech releases scene-by-scene breakdowns of Hollywood blockbuster movies for its popular screenwriting software Movie Outline 3.

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AP Solutions Adds Direct Pay US Payment Option

2012-12-07 | Alternative payments solution provider AP Solutions has added DirectPay US to its cadre of payment options.

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AP Solutions Launches Check NSF Recovery Service

2012-12-07 | Alternative Payments provider AP Solutions now offers a check recovery service.

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Bodacious Buckles Boutique Launches Their New Website to Provide an Exciting, Convenient Shopping Experience

2012-12-07 | Bodacious Buckles Boutique newly designed website is user friendly when shopping for all types of Women's Western Chic apparel.

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Orlando Dentist Makes Scheduling Appointments Online Easy

2012-12-07 | Dr. Marcia Martinez is happy to be providing an online appointment request form on her practice's website.

Waterford Dentist Offers Implant Special At His Practice

2012-12-07 | Dental 1 is currently offering a special rate on dental implants.

Acclaimed Author Tony Attanasio Releases New Novel Detailing Covert CIA Operations Entitled 'A Silent Star'

2012-12-07 | Drawn from actual events, Attanasio's novel details a covert but unsuccessful CIA operation to capture Osama Bin Laden in November 2000.

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Aircraft Management Group Receives TSA Approval for DCA Access

2012-12-07 | Aircraft Management Group, Inc. and AMG Jets has received approval from the TSA to operate flights to and from Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (DCA).

Epom to Refine its Ad Server for Networks

2012-12-07 | Epom Ad Server nnounced that major improvements have occurred in its platfrom. New features have been launched, and new pricing plans for ad networks have been introduced plus free trial for middle-sized ad networks.

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Stress Free Solutions to Make Your Home the Perfect Place for the Holidays from Stacks and Stacks Homewares

2012-12-07 | Love the holiday season but hate the stress? Some expert tips to help you get organized for the holidays.

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The eCommerce Company got needles?, LLC has Acquired USA Decon's Complete OSHA Training Course for Crime Scene, Hoarding, Meth and Tear Gas Cleanup and Offers This Course in an Easy-to-Download Ebook

2012-12-07 | Perpetual Tragedy consists of two parts; a discussion of a cross-section of standards and enforcement actions at the Federal and State level followed by case studies. Each case is made up of project photos, compliance, and descriptions of actions.

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