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March 14, 2013

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Sound Physicians Recruitment Results - Leading Hospitalist Organization Hires More Than 200 Physicians in 2012

2013-03-14 | Sound Physicians records strong year of recruiting success, hiring 212 physician colleagues in 2012.

npower's Hull Call Centre Shows its Support for Red Nose Day

2013-03-14 | Npower has revealed its plans to support Comic Relief at its Bridge House call centre in Hull.

New Bumbo Baby Seat Lawsuits Pose Tough Challenge for Manufacturer, Says Law Firm Pulaski & Middleman, L.L.C.

2013-03-14 | Three recent lawsuits present new challenges for the makers of the Bumbo Baby Sitter, a popular infant chair that are alleged to have caused a number of injuries after babies fell from the seats.

Midwest Aronia Association Presents 3rd Annual Conference - "Back to the Basics and Beyond"

2013-03-14 | Midwest Aronia Association opens 2013 conference registration, held in Des Moines, Ia, April 4th, 5th, and 6th. - Aronia berry is an emergent under the radar healthful food. Aronia contains some of the highest antioxidant values of any known fruit.

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Now Available! A New Must-Have Resource for Any Law Enforcement Official

2013-03-14 | Kendall Hunt Publishing announces the release of Dr. Andrew Dennis' Officer Down! A practical tactical guide to surviving injury in the street - the first resource of its kind!

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HdvTools Offers First Hands-On Preview of New Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera

2013-03-14 | HdvTools proudly offers the first and exclusive hands-on introductory preview of this impressive addition to the professional photography market.

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Increase Giving Over 30% in 90 Days - MinistryResource Has Partnered with Sage Payment Solutions to Bring the First 100% PCI Compliant Processing Program Allowing Patrons to Contribute Anywhere

2013-03-14 | MinistryResource now offering its members secure, integrated, and PCI compliant payment services through Sage Partnership.

Email Psychology Survey

2013-03-14 | MaCorr Research has recently conducted a study about self-perceived "e-mail personality. 55% of regular email users thought they are "Deleters", 30% - "Filers", 10% - "Hoarders" and 10% - "Printers".

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Do You Know Your Rights When Facing Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction? JOIN the BRAVE DAY - Breast Restoration AdVocacy Education - Celebration - Knowledge is Power - Thursday 3- 21, 2013

2013-03-14 | Be Informed - Be Educated - Be Brave - Please Spread the Word - Tweet - #BraveDay #PinkLemonadeProject #breastcancerrights.

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President Brad Smith of Bakke Graduate University Responds to Selection of Pope Francis I

2013-03-14 | Church historian Thomas Reese summed up what the cardinals were looking for in the next pope with the phrase "Jesus Christ with an MBA." President Brad Smith, of Bakke Graduate University responds to the selection of the new Catholic pope.

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VITACARE Announces First Co-Sponsorship for the Give Back to Autism Program - VITACARE will Co-Host the Center for Autism's 2nd Annual Tennis Clinic for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder - ASD

2013-03-14 | Saturday, March 16, the second annual CARD Tennis Clinic for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at Key Biscayne Tennis Association (KBTA).

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Rent a Dumpster in Atlanta with GreenStar Waste to Get Rid of Excess Yard Waste

2013-03-14 | The Atlanta dumpster rental company, GreenStar Waste, wants to remind customers to take advantage of their services to prevent clutter buildup.

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Geo-Political Simulator 3 is Available!

2013-03-14 | Eversim is announcing the release of Masters of the World, the third version of Geopolitical Simulator for PC. The Mac version is planned for the end of March.

General and Family Dentist in Beaumont Provides Excellence in Dentistry

2013-03-14 | Dr. Gerard Cascio, Beaumont family dentist, continues to provide superior dental care at Beaumont Smile Center with the addition of Dr. Helene Suh.

Cartersville, GA Dentist Encourages Patients to Leave Reviews Online

2013-03-14 | Dr. Paul Eberhard, cosmetic dentist in Cartersville, invites patients to leave reviews through popular search engines on Mockingbird Dental Associates.

Dentist in San Jose Joins Newest Social Network for Improved Interaction

2013-03-14 | Dr. Wesley Yemoto, San Jose dentist, invites patients to join his circle on Google+.

Syracuse Cosmetic Dentist Improves Patient Knowledge of Dental Health Care

2013-03-14 | Dr. Karen Lawitts, Syracuse kids dentist, offers online educational resources for improved knowledge of important dental information.

Tampa Podiatrist Launches Educational Online Blog

2013-03-14 | Dr. Brandi Johnson, podiatrist in Tampa, invites her patients to visit Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists' educational blog for improved foot and ankle health care knowledge.

Morristown Dermatology Responds to Web-Savvy Patients With an Interactive Social Network

2013-03-14 | Affiliated Dermatology in Morristown has recently joined Facebook and Twitter for improved interaction and communication with patients.