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June 27, 2013

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MobileSmith and CICL Sign Distribution Partnership for MobileSmith App Development Platform

2013-06-27 | The MobileSmith platform will enable CICL's enterprise clients to launch custom native apps faster and at lower cost.

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"Pine Aroma" Against Beetle Invasion

2013-06-27 | Researchers from the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology shorten the production of biological agents from 14 to 3 steps. Eco-friendly products to cope with chewing pests, bacteria or fungi can be produced easier and environmentally friendly.

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Like the Rolodex and the Typewriter Before Them, In-House Bookkeepers are Becoming the Next Unnecessary Small Business Need on the Chopping Block

2013-06-27 | Small businesses are saving thousands of dollars a year by outsourcing their bookkeeping needs.

Weight Loss Pills Supplier, Healthe Trim, Wonders if Sleep Could Be Affecting Your Appetite

2013-06-27 | If you don't get enough sleep, you may find yourself overeating to compensate, explains Healthe Trim.

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Knoxville Bankruptcy Lawyers, Clark & Washington, Speak to 426 Bankruptcies for Knoxville in April

2013-06-27 | There was a slight decline in the number of Knoxville bankruptcy filings from March to April of this 2013. This follows the national trend of declining Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

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Stork Nest Sells Inexpensive Training Pants

2013-06-27 | Stork Nest's online store provides disposable diaper brands that your family trusts at prices you love. Their selection of dependable diapers also includes potty training products, such as training pants and youth pants.

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Atlanta Pest Control Experts, North Fulton Pest Solutions, Discuss the Importance of Gutter Cleaning

2013-06-27 | North Fulton Pest Solutions cautions Atlanta area homeowners to keep their gutters clean. Leaves and debris that are often caught in gutters attract pests that can eventually make their way into the home.

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Check Out Orlando Optometrists, Orlando Eye Institute, Online FAQ Billing Questions

2013-06-27 | Leading ophthalmologist in Orlando, Orlando Eye Institute, hails user-friendly website and easy-to-access, real-time information.

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Los Angeles County Movers at Eastern Van Lines Launch New Website

2013-06-27 | Eastern Van Lines, a subsidiary company of National Van Lines, recently launched a new website designed and developed by Advice Interactive Group.

iNovel App Wins First Place in Indie Reader Discovery Award

2013-06-27 | Spoon and the Moon placed first in the LGBT division of the IndieReader Discovery Award! " this beautifully chimerical and enticing, flirtatious romp of a lascivious, lesbian, interactive fairytale..."

Credit Score Companies Fight for Number One Spot

2013-06-27 | (BCSC) reviews all credit score companies that allow consumers to view their credit score and/or credit reports on an updated basis.

Jerry H. Thrush, MD, Named a Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Emergency Medicine

2013-06-27 | Dr. Jerry Thrush serves as an expert witness in emergency medicine and medical care

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CenterPoint Payroll Software - A Payroll Program That Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency

2013-06-27 | CenterPoint Payroll Software helps businesses manage their payroll information efficiently. A payroll program must be used to enter and track employee information, hours worked, and all the associated necessary information to pay employees.

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Midlothian Dentist Provides a Variety of Cosmetic Treatments

2013-06-27 | Dr. Stephen Booth and his associates improve the appearance of their patient's smiles with cosmetic services.

Severna Park Dentist is Specialist in Teeth Restoration and Replacement

2013-06-27 | Dr. Amanda McPherson is proud to be a certified Prosthodontist, a dentist with additional in-depth training.

Margaret K. Mazzola Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Health Care Administration

2013-06-27 | Margaret Mazzola dedicated more than a decade of her career to Staten Island University Hospital

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James Iszler Recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Fashion Design

2013-06-27 | Mr. Iszler co-founded LAND Industries in 1969 Retracts Statement Regarding John Ulzheimer

2013-06-27 | inaccurately portrayed John Ulzheimer as a partner to their site while introducing their review criteria and research on all credit score companies.

Josh Cote Promotes Work Experience as Valid Resource for Job Hunting

2013-06-27 | Entrepreneur Josh Cote advises graduates and current university students to gain valid work experience in order to stand out in a competitive job market.

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