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November 14, 2013

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SOBERLINK Launches SLBLUE, an Apple Compatible Alcohol Monitoring Device

2013-11-14 | SOBERLINK Inc. announces the launch of SLBLUE - a Breathalyzer that can conveniently submit alcohol tests from anywhere in the world, using an Apple device's Wi-Fi or cell connection.

Tecma Talk Podcast Examines Mexico's Automotive Industry

2013-11-14 | Mexico has become the location of choice for North American automotive expansion.

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ISS Passes the Torch of Flame Studies

2013-11-14 | The Olympic torch was part of an international relay aboard the International Space Station, passing from one module to the next, before it made a trip outside for its first spacewalk on Nov. 9.

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Spacelab Paved Critical Path to Space Station

2013-11-14 | Spacelab modules, built by ESA and carried by NASA's space shuttle, were predecessors to research on the International Space Station.

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John A. DeMarr P.I. Offers Background Checks

2013-11-14 | Private investigation agency offers background checks.

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Nutritionist in New Jersey Martin D. Fried, MD, FAAP, ABPNS, Represents New Jersey with Inclusion into The Leaders of Healthcare Network

2013-11-14 | Martin D. Fried, MD is recognized as a Doctor of Excellence. By working with a Dr. Martin D. Fried, a Nutrition Specialist, more of your days can be Healthy Days.

First 100% Biobased T-shirts from Recycled PEF Bottles

2013-11-14 | Avantium has made another breakthrough with its PEF. It has demonstrated that PEF can also be used to make fibers, and even that PEF bottles can be recycled into PEF fibers.

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Tate Britain's Housewarming Party

2013-11-14 | An afternoon of free events to celebrate the remodelling of London's famous landmark.

Announcing Release of Medisoft Version 19 with ICD-10 Compatibility For Medical Billing Software Users

2013-11-14 | announced today, Nov 13, 2013 that Medisoft Version 19 is now available for purchase and for immediate download from its site. This new release, Medisoft V19, incorporates support for the new ICD-10 diagnosis code set.

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Military Car Storage Discount Offered by Dallas Car Storage

2013-11-14 | Military gets one month free with 12-month car storage agreement.

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Newly Released Book, "You Jump, I Jump" by Annarose Russo Offers Powerful Words to Heal Despair - Our Goal is to Take a Stand Against Suicide and Give a Voice to Depression

2013-11-14 | An inspirational self-help book that utilizes refreshing methods for people who suffer from depression. This book of personal wisdom, provides an antidote to the profound grief and depression suffered by so many.

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Atlanta Perimeter Hotel Chosen as Exhibitor at 38th Annual OVS Bazaar

2013-11-14 | A premier Perimeter hotel in Atlanta, GA announces its selection as an exhibitor at the 38th Annual OVS Bazaar November 17, 2013.

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Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel Selected as Exhibitor at 38th Annual OVS Bazaar

2013-11-14 | Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel (North I-85) selected as an exhibitor at the 38th Annual OVS Bazaar November 17, 2013.

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Kathryn Yuhl Selected by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in the Culinary Arts for both People and Dogs

2013-11-14 | Kathryn Yuhl puts her culinary skills to use in her dual role as the owner of a baking company and a dog treat ambassador

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Jos Kraft Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

2013-11-14 | Jos Kraft looks forward to establishing a project with an Israeli company with respect to smart metering

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SC Personal Injury Law Firm Releases New Workers' Compensation Book

2013-11-14 | The South Carolina law firm Reeves, Aiken & Hightower, LLP has released a new e-book on the subject of workers' compensation.

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David A. Patsavas Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Vocal Rehabilitation

2013-11-14 | David Patsavas was invited to the ADA signing at the White House

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John Arthur Harrison Named a Worldwide Who's Who Executive of the Year in Heritage Planning and Interpretation

2013-11-14 | John Arthur Harrison grew into and took over his family's thriving business

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A Diet for a Lifetime: Now Available for All

2013-11-14 | What do both Paleo diet lovers and Mediterranean diet prescribers have in common? They each prescribe to one half of world renowned nutritionist Stella Metsova's "Diet for a Lifetime"

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Vendors Rushing to Mark Territory in Population Health Management Land Grab

2013-11-14 | KLAS attempts to cut through the mystery of the PHM vendor landscape.