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December 04, 2013

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Surgeon: Twin Study Shows Premature Facial Aging Worse for Smokers

2013-12-04 | Dr. Timothy R. Miller, a facial cosmetic surgery specialist in Aliso Viejo, says a recent study established that twins who smoke have significantly more premature facial aging than their non-smoking twin counterparts.

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Power Management Company Leads Solar Project for Plymouth Fitness Club

2013-12-04 | Massachusetts fitness club's solar project will generate approximately 100 KW/year and 112 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)/year. The planning stages of the project took three months to complete and was installed in just four days.

| Attachments Offers 10% Off All Village Wrought Iron Decorative Home Hardware

2013-12-04 | Since 2008, has been offering the highest quality in home decorating accessories. In the final month of the year they are offering 10% off their most popular line of products; Village Wrought Iron decorative hardware.

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Each Year, Tens of Thousands of Americans Lose their Life Savings Trying to Overcome Fertility Issues to Have Children

2013-12-04 | Fertility treatments often require 2 to 3 cycles to be successful. At over $15,000 per cycle, the bill is unacceptably high for most Americans.

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