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February 24, 2014

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New Release in BackTracker Series Addresses Post Traumatic Stress in Law Enforcement

2014-02-24 | In FIREWALLS, young Constable Katrina Randal's perilous journey through PTSD is the heart of the story

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Best Events in London in March 2014

2014-02-24 | The Vikings, Fatal Attraction and Blithe Spirit all come to London in March

Drink the World's Rarest Coffees for Just .80 Cents Per Cup

2014-02-24 | Jamaican Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes introduced coffee plants in 1728 that would grow to become some of the world's finest and most expensive coffees -- now known as Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

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Violin Phenomenon Judy Kang Plays Benefit for Lohez Foundation, May 1, 2014

2014-02-24 | "Only musician to have worked with both Pierre Boulez and Lady Gaga" - New York Times

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Poli Mortgage Group, Inc. Launches New Website Delivering a Consumer Friendly "Shopper Experience"

2014-02-24 | Poli Mortgage Group has brought it all to one place!

Storming Robots Capitalizes Creativity with Engineering Disciplines

2014-02-24 | Increase Propensity in Engineering and Creativity Among Grade Schools Students For Competitive Engineering Colleges and Markets

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Kaeng Raeng Debuts Soy-free Formula and E-Book at ExpoWest 2014

2014-02-24 | Kaeng Raeng, a best selling cleanse on, is set to debut it's highly anticipated soy-free formula as well as an ebook about cleansing at 2014's ExpoWest in Anaheim.

Atlanta Tree Removal Service Yellow Ribbon Can Solve All Your Tree Troubles in Georgia

2014-02-24 | Tree removal can be a dangerous and complicated task. Hire professionals who can take care of your tree troubles safely and efficiently.

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Vein Treatment Center Medicus Veincare Shares Signs and Symptoms of Varicose Veins

2014-02-24 | Recognizing the early signs and symptoms of varicose veins ensures prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment. To help you, Medicus Veincare shares some of the main signs, symptoms and treatment options for this disorder.

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Hire the Tampa Plumbers at Pampering Plumber for Both Commercial and Residential Plumbing

2014-02-24 | Commercial and residential plumbing concerns are met with great service and a high level of professionalism at The Pampering Plumber.

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B. Lynn Kongkham Celebrated for Excellence in Real Estate

2014-02-24 | Ms. Kongkham's people skills and expertise in real estate have made her a leader in her field

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Catherine Paglino Honored for Accomplishments in Consumer Goods

2014-02-24 | Ms. Paglino handles sales, marketing and development for Zepter International

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Katja Lidsell Aims to Maintain Excellence in Contracts and Labor Laws

2014-02-24 | Katja Lidsell oversees human resources and staffing at Leonardo & Co.

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Paolo Pagani Honored for Accomplishments in Emergency and Disaster Management

2014-02-24 | Mr. Pagani's emphasis is on industry training and education

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Tricia Evans leads Global Human Resources for Futuris

2014-02-24 | In an executive role, Tricia Evans provides, leadership and HR support for the company

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Mikael Carlzon Honored for Accomplishments in Outsourcing

2014-02-24 | Mr. Carlzon brings 25 years of experience to Teleperformance

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Katharine Sarikakis Aims to Maintain Excellence in Media Governance

2014-02-24 | Katharine Sarikakis celebrates her third year with the University of Vienna

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Tomas Westerholm Honored for Excellence in Architecture and Design Software

2014-02-24 | Mr. Westerholm excels in three businesses

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Rienk Van Wieren Focuses on Business Culture to Grow Companies

2014-02-24 | Mr. Van Wieren is an expert in business development with 35 years of experience

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Pravin Singh is a Well-Rounded Information Technology Professional

2014-02-24 | Mr. Singh serves as the chief information officer at two companies

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