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April 04, 2014

70 total news stories found. Adds Interactive Website Features to Help Consumers Navigate New Products

2014-04-04 | Interactive tools will allow consumers to easily learn about's service areas and new interest rates.

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NationaLease Appoints Joe Puff Vice President of Truck Technology and Maintenance

2014-04-04 | Puff will be the organization's main resource in advising members of new truck technology and maintenance best practices.

One-of-its-Kind PvP-Battle Game Launches Today As Appublica Introduces Dragorena For iOS

2014-04-04 | The free-to-play game available for iPad on the App Store.

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Express Furniture Adds Amish-Made to its Website and Store Offerings

2014-04-04 | Competitive pricing, authentic craftsmanship are hallmarks of furniture built in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio.

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Prompt Proofing Discusses Taking Evasive Action to Avoid Grammar Problems

2014-04-04 | Grammar is not always a precise science, no matter what grammarians may tell you. Grammar rules do evolve and experts often disagree; the Oxford comma is a great example of this.

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CIC Empowers Renters with Product Enhancements to ApplyConnect, Consumer-Initiated Tenant Screening

2014-04-04 | The first product of its kind, ApplyConnect empowers renters by allowing them to initiate the tenant screening process and view their report before sharing it with a landlord or real estate agent.

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Pasadena Periodontist Offers Helpful Tips For Improved Oral Health Of Patients

2014-04-04 | Dr. Peter Cooper, a periodontist in Pasadena, increases patients' dental awareness through the availability of his website and other useful resources.

Edina Dentists Become Best Dental Clinic For 2014

2014-04-04 | Southdale Dental Associates receive top award for outstanding dental service in Edina and the surrounding areas.

Warren Family Dental Offers Patients in Madison a Clear Solution for Straighter Teeth With Invisalign

2014-04-04 | With the availability of Invisalign in Madison, Warren Family Dental helps patients smile with confidence once again.

Villa Park Dentist Provides Free Orthodontic Consultation

2014-04-04 | Dr. Javed Bhojani helps patients understand their orthodontic treatment options, helping them move toward a healthier, straighter smile.

Deerfield Dermatologists Fill Patients' Springtime With Youthful Days

2014-04-04 | Deerfield Dermatology Associates provide cosmetic skin services to produce younger, brighter looking skin. Just in time for spring and summer!

Spine Joint and Pain Center Offers Pain Management Services in Murfreesboro, TN

2014-04-04 | Pain can take a toll on a person's daily activities, which is why Dr. William Newton and Dr. Brenna Green offer patients in Murfreesboro, TN pain management services.

Muskegon, MI Dentist: Serving The Community For 35 Years

2014-04-04 | Dr. Harvey Comrie provides top-notch dentistry in Muskegon, and his services have made a positive impact on the community's oral health standards.

Residents Of Pittsburgh Seek Dental Implants For Tooth Replacements

2014-04-04 | Dr. John Sartorio offers dental implants for Pittsburgh patients with missing teeth.

Mt. Lookout Dentistry Receives Cincinnati Magazine's Top Dentist Recognition In 2014

2014-04-04 | Drs. David Croop and Ben Gosnell, Cincinnati, OH dentists, are happy to take on the title of "Top Dentist" as decided by dental peers.

Ellicott City Dentist Whitens Patient Smiles In One Easy Visit

2014-04-04 | Desai Dental Care offers patients in-office Zoom! teeth whitening for sparkling smiles in Ellicott City.

Harrisburg, PA Dentist's Educational Videos Are A Guide To Better Oral Health

2014-04-04 | Dr. Ernest Fontaine's educational dental materials help patients become more comfortable with their at-home care and the thought of in-office treatments.

Ear, Nose and Throat of Western New England Offer Musicians Earplugs

2014-04-04 | Musicians Earplugs make playing music a much more enjoyable experience, especially for the eardrums.

Coram Dentist Brightens Patients Smiles With Teeth Whitening

2014-04-04 | Dr. Joseph Dumanski, a dentist in Coram, NY, works with patients to determine the best procedure for a whiter smile.

Troy Family Dentists Celebrate Over Three Decades In Dentistry

2014-04-04 | Husband and wife dental team, Drs. Debra Halsey and William Carmody, continue to practice dentistry after 33 years.