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October 28, 2014

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SpaceX Spacecraft Splashdown, Starring Space Station Science

2014-10-28 | The return of the SpaceX Dragon on Oct. 25 brought with it plant samples, data that may impact your facial cream composition and validation of a new way of creating on Earth crystals that are used in our daily electronic devices.

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Healing Paper, a Medical Service Application for the Patient with Chronic Disease Developed by Medical Student

2014-10-28 | Healing Paper is a peace maker for patients with a chronic disease.

Best Mobile App for Booking Hotels in London by The Montcalm - Luxury Hotels Group

2014-10-28 | Make your hotel booking experience that little bit more convenient, with The Montcalm's freshly launched hotel booking mobile application.

Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale Arrives to Inspire Children

2014-10-28 | "Magelica" brings a magical voyage to the world for the Holidays.

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OrangeHRM 3.2 - Expanding Open Source HRM

2014-10-28 | OrangeHRM 3.2 is a major release for 2014 with the inclusion of a new revamped performance evaluation module and the dashboard.

Art Therapy Program for Kids Seeks Donations to Expand Reach Around the Country

2014-10-28 | Art Bags for Kids, a non-profit art therapy program for children who are either limited to their home due to illness or disability, or are not able to regularly participate in social or school art programs, is seeking donations in hopes of expanding.

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Award-winning Canadian Dancer Selected for 'A Christmas Story' Musical At Northport's (N.Y.) John W. Engeman Theater

2014-10-28 | Taylor Reardigan has been selected associate choreographer and featured dancer for "A Christmas Story - The Musical" at the John W. Engeman Theater.

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Art! Vancouver to Contribute to Lion's Gate Hospital Foundation Art Donation Program, "The Healing Power of Art"

2014-10-28 | Art! Vancouver to Help Spread Awareness of Art Donation Program for Lion's Gate Hospital in West Vancouver

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Bullets 4 Peace Founder, Rafi Anteby, Announces the Reloading Life Foundation and Their First Cause "The Peace Warriors Project"

2014-10-28 | Bullets 4 Peace Finalizes Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative: Supporting Conflict Resolution and Tolerance Amongst Youth.

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Dr. Philip Rubin is a Prominent and Skillful Oncologist

2014-10-28 | Providing the genuine care each patient deserves.

Ashish Domah Recognized for Excellence in Accountancy Services

2014-10-28 | Ashish Domah has progressed from working for a small firm to being employed by the world's largest cyber-security company.

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Dr. Rashed Abedin is a Trustworthy and an Accountable Doctor in Internal Medicine

2014-10-28 | A Physician with patience and passion.

Craig F. Ross Successfully Leads a Team of Electricians in Energy Management

2014-10-28 | Craig Ross passionately supports the development of CR Electrics Pty Ltd.

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Dr. Adam K. Berry is a Well-known Medical Internist

2014-10-28 | A Doctor with a heart for his field of practice.