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May 03, 2015

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Big Mountain Rebrands and Expands Kerio Cloud Hosting Solutions

2015-04-03 | Offers both shared and dedicated Kerio Connect hosting options.

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Flat Iron Technologies, LLC Launches Newly Revised HIPAA Security Awareness Training Packet and HIPAA Policies and Procedures for U.S. Healthcare Organizations

2015-04-03 | Flat Iron Technologies, LLC has just comprehensively revised their industry leading HIPAA security awareness training packet, along with HIPAA policies and procedures for U.S. healthcare practices.

Networking For New York City Women - Girlfriend Grapevine, New Social Media Networking Site For Women, Now Open

2015-04-03 | Girlfriend Grapevine is an exciting new social media networking platform for women. The site promotes friendship, entertainment and great places to eat or shop. Collaboration opportunities are unlimited

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Tales2Inspire Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day Through Appeal To Everyone To Preserve Their True Stories

2015-04-03 | Lois W. Stern, creator of 'Tales2Inspire', hopes to preserve as many Holocaust tales as possible, and urges others to do the same. A story by Mark H. Newhouse, the son of Holocaust survivors, provides poignant proof of the urgency of this appeal

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Platform Promotions: Don't Be Scared to Innovate The Interview Process

2015-04-03 | All businesses have their own technique for interviewing prospective candidates, however many of the core processes involved are the same. Here Platform Promotions share why they would like to see more businesses shake up the interview process.

A.R Discovery International's Must Read Guide to Attention Grabbing Marketing

2015-04-03 | With so many businesses to choose from, customers are constantly inundated with marketing material. A.R Discovery International has revealed their top tips for fully capturing customer attention and gaining an edge over competitors.

Barton Consulting Group On a Mission To Combat Current Skill Shortage in America

2015-04-03 | Following the news that America's current skill shortage rate is the worst it's been since 2006, Barton Consulting Group believes their business development program will contribute to providing young professionals with the necessary business skills.

LMG Global Associates Reveals How Marketing Has Changed

2015-04-03 | Sales and marketing firm, LMG Global Associates takes a look at how marketing has changed over the past 10 years and how some are comparing it to a popular dating site.

Want to Boost Your Confidence? Let Parathon Inc. Show You How

2015-04-03 | Sales and Marketing company Parathon highlight exactly how to boost your confidence, and in turn make you happier.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief Programs Helping Many Americans

2015-04-03 | With many in the U.S. still waiting for a true economic recovery, National Debt Relief Program discusses debt help programs

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Italian Wedding Planner Transforms American Couples' Dreams Into Realities

2015-04-03 | Tara Coppola Fontana, Italian wedding planner, stylist, and designer, missions her talent and expertise into providing American couples' the opportunity to have an unforgettable wedding in breathtaking Italy.

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Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation Taps NC Modernist Houses' Master Gallery

2015-04-03 | NCMH is now the official archive for Paul Rudolph's residential projects.

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World Hongming Foundation Launches Tree Planting Program and Starts Planting Trees in Billings

2015-04-03 | Do you live in Billings, MT? Are you tired of grey & brown colors of winter? Have you ever thought that it would be nice to be able to change it to green one day? If you would, you are welcome to join as a donor, a volunteer, or a space sponsor.

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Signs Of Double Jeopardy For Jerusalem And US In 'The Day Of The Lord', Says Dr. Richard Ruhling

2015-04-03 | Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and believes apocalyptic events will take place in 2015.

Clearpath and Christie Make 3D Video Game with Robots

2015-04-03 | Robot maker uses state-of-the-art projection mapping technology to create unique gaming experience

New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists

2015-04-03 | Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features

Easter Bunny Presides Over Newport Dunes' Egg-Citing Weekend Festivities April 4 & 5

2015-04-03 | Free Easter Egg Hunt Highlights the Weekend Entertainment

J Metro Releases New Single "Magic"

2015-04-03 | J Metro releases latest project from his debut EP Sentir Mon Amour!

Les Stroud Searches for Bigfoot in 6 New Episodes of 'Survivorman'

2015-04-03 | In the wilderness, Stroud searches for scientific evidence of Sasquatch.

National Law Journal Names USClaims Best Litigation and Law Firm Funding Provider

2015-04-03 | Pre-settlement funding company ranked No. 1 by readers of American Lawyer Media publication.