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April 15, 2015

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AddvantageUSA Announces New Initiatives to Fight Online Fraud

2015-04-15 | Internet retailer AddvantageUSA is expanding its crime prevention programs and expanding the number of employees engaged in the fight against online fraud, identity theft, and related criminal activities.

Millions of Liters of Juice from One Grapefruit

2015-04-15 | New method allows production of expensive grapefruit aroma Nootkatone biotechnologically from cheap sugar using a "turbo-yeast". The versatile, healthy and tasty substance is used in drinks, pharmaceutical products or even as an insect repellent.

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Allegations Against Jacob Gornitzki in Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Case Against Eda Agueci et al are Dismissed

2015-04-15 | Former Merchant Banker Jacob Gornitzki has been cleared of allegations of tipping and conduct contrary to the public interest in an OSC case against Eda Agueci et al.

Measurement Technology Northwest forms Thermetrics, LLC

2015-04-15 | Important News from MTNW's Thermal Products Group

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss How Personal Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Small Business

2015-04-15 | The Atlanta bankruptcy law firm, Clark & Washington, talks about how bankruptcy affects an individual's business interests. If you own a small business, it would be wise to consider your options before filing.

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Smile Improvement with Lumineers, Invisalign and Zoom Whitening

2015-04-15 | Sunset Plaza Dental announces that it is offering smile improvement with special prices on a variety of cosmetic treatments.

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April 20th, Full Moon To Premiere Horror Comedy Sequel Evil Bong 420 On Multiple Streaming Platforms

2015-04-15 | Catch EVIL BONG 420 on HULU, Vutopia, MGO,, Vimeo, Amazon Instant, GooglePlay, BigStarMovies, ConTV and many more streaming platforms, dropping on the ultimate weed-friendly day. Full Moon refuses to bogart this joint!

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Seattle-Based Company Innovates Composite Wind Blade Decommissioning Recycling

2015-04-15 | Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFSI) and Washington State University (WSU) announced today that they have successfully manufactured a variety of composite products with fiberglass material taken from decommissioned wind blades.

Poljovet - Best Buy Award Winner as No. One Agricultural Pharmacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2015-04-15 | In researching the best price/quality ratio, when it comes to agricultural pharmacies, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who work in agriculture put their utmost trust in Poljovet.

Jane Mortensen Named Professional of the Year in Mending & Alteration Services

2015-04-15 | Ms. Mortensen attributes her success to her passion and drive

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Angela Walsh Honored for her Accomplishments in Management, Law & Health

2015-04-15 | Ms. Walsh is seeking new opportunities

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Karl Truman Law Office Continues to Support Hiring Veterans

2015-04-15 | Louisville lawyer Karl Truman is proud to announce the Karl Truman Injury Law Office has welcomed a new member to the team

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Victor Alan Oliveri Honored for his Skill as a Trial Lawyer

2015-04-15 | Mr. Oliveri provides fierce and ethical defense of his clients in civil trials

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Visitors at DIYORNOT.COM a Financial Web Site, Consistently Choose the Same Top 10 Projects Five Years Running

2015-04-15 | What a drop ceiling, invisible dog fence and furnace humidifier have in common

Kevin P. Kennedy Strengthens Commitment to Clients

2015-04-15 | Mr. Kennedy receives honors from San Diego Lawyers Magazine

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Breast Implant Revision Surgery up 30% in 2014

2015-04-15 | More women are getting breast implant revisions and replacements than ever before, according to the most recent numbers.

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Luxury New Home Buyers Discover Exquisite Design At Mirador in San Juan Capistrano

2015-04-15 | Woodbridge Pacific Group's Rancho San Juan Enclave Is A Hidden Jewel In Orange County

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Official Events End But Rwanda Continues Genocide Commemoration, Reports KT Press

2015-04-15 | The Rwanda national flag was on Tuesday, April 14, raised to full mast officially concluding the commemoration week honouring over a million victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Miss Geek: Meet the Girls Driving Rwanda's Tech Revolution, A KT Press Report

2015-04-15 | Rwanda is known to be home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. And, the search for the finest girl to crown "Miss Rwanda" is one of the most intense beauty contests there is.