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April 15, 2018

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The Rainforest Proves to be a Powerful and Natural Approach To Beauty

2018-04-15 | According to southern California manufacturer and mainstay, Rainforest Nutrition, the Rainforest and its untouched wonders have provided natural, raw materials that have served a multitude of purposes for centuries.

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DeviceLab Celebrates 20 Years in Medical Device Design and Development

2018-04-15 | A Fixture of Orange County Medtech, DeviceLab Has Developed 100+ Medical Products and Continues to Innovate the Newest Breed of Wearable, mHealth and IoT Device

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Opioid Presence in 8% of Fatal Crash Drivers in 2016, Less than ½ the Level of Cannabis at 18%

2018-04-15 | Oregon highest at 19%, Medical cannabis States at 16%, New England States at about 14%. Cannabis at 18% still No.1 drug in fatal crashes, compared to alcohol presence at 33%.

NOWDO: A Social Translation Platform For Manga Lovers

2018-04-15 | What is NOWDO? Why do those manga lovers need NOWDO?

Max Alavi has been Named to the Top 100 Registry of Business Leaders and Professionals

2018-04-15 | Top Business and Professional Registry Recognizes Southern California Attorney for an outstanding career.

Educational Foundation of GSCPA Awards Over $114K in Scholarships and Institutional Support

2018-04-15 | GSCPA has announced its scholarship award recipients for the 2018-19 academic year.

Demand for High Quality Fire Retardant Tarps Outstripping Supplies

2018-04-15 | Recent wildfires in the Western States has created unprecedented demand for fire retardant tarps, coverings and fabrics

6 Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce

2018-04-15 | Chesney & Nicholas provides a short list of legal advice regarding the matter of divorce.