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April 28, 2018

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Free ebook Story, Odessa, Commemorates The Odessa Tragedy, Odessa, Ukraine, May 02, 2014

2018-04-28 | Odessa, a dramatic and compelling story is based on the clashes that occurred in the center of Odessa and the fire in the Trade Union Building on 2 May 2014 that resulted in 48 deaths and injuries to both sides of the conflict.

Law Offices of Steven R. Adams Presents Scholarship to Recognize Staff Member's Daughter

2018-04-28 | The scholarship is in recognition of a family member of one of the staff at the law firm. Paralegal Jen Blum's daughter, McKenzie, was diagnosed with RSD, which is also known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), in high school.

Philippine Public Safety College Partners with CYPHER LEARNING for their MCDRM Program

2018-04-28 | CYPHER LEARNING has announced that the Philippine Public Safety College will be partnering with CYPHER LEARNING to use NEO as their learning management system for the second year of the Master in Crisis and Disaster Risk Management Program.

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Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law LLC Sponsors Guard Your Life Challenge

2018-04-28 | A cause aimed to keep upstate SC teens safer drivers on the road.

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AMAAL Releases New Single "Young, Brown, and Famous"

2018-04-28 | AMAAL Heats Up The Summer With Hip-Hop Inspired Track

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Jackson Wang's New Single "Dawn Of Us" Climbs Charts Across the Globe

2018-04-28 | "Dawn Of Us" Hits #6 on iTunes US Pop Charts

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Panasonic Commit $24.5m Investment to Lagrange Minerals

2018-04-28 | Lagrange Minerals Inc. released news stating that they are moving forward to go public with an IPO on the New York stock market and they intend to list the IPO within 2018.

Technogenic Risks in Operation and Construction of Industrial Facilities in Europe. Issues of Minimizing Risks and Preventing Major Accidents

2018-04-28 | On April 24, 2018, at Press Club Brussels (Brussels, Belgium), Eastern European Association of the Greens presented and discussed the analytical study on the topic: "Technogenic risks in operation and construction of industrial facilities in Europe."

How Meditation, Mindfulness And Kindness Transform The Lives Of Prisoners - Doug Carnine's Latest Book Offers Readers An Inside Look At A Revolutionary Paradigm Shift

2018-04-28 | Carnine's book relates the stories of four prisoners who achieve transcendence using mindfulness, meditation and the blessings of kindness.

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Guardian Training - Guardian Program: Similar Names - Different Programs. Different Entities

2018-04-28 | In-Gauge of Polk County first announced its "Guardian Training" in December of 2017.

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Tarps Now® Releases New Lines of Sports Tarps with Unique Protective Capabilities

2018-04-28 | Tarps Now® Fabricates Custom Coverings to Meet the Needs of Venues Throughout North America

Looking Forward To The Future of LED Display Rental Market

2018-04-28 | With the expansion of the LED rental market to a wider area, LED rental screen manufacturers are developing different products for different application fields. It will also become another trend.

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