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July 12, 2020

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E.I. Sturdza Strategic Europe Quality Fund has been announced by Allocator as a 2020 Investors Choice Awards Top Performer

2020-07-12 | E.I. Sturdza Strategic Europe Quality Fund is officially recognised as a Top Performer in both the short term and long term UCITS Equity Fund award categories for the EMEA Investors Choice Awards 2020.

Santa Monica, CA, Certified Family Law Specialists With Over 50 Years of Experience

2020-07-12 | Attorneys at Fernandez & Karney, APLC, practice exclusively family law, which gives them the expertise needed to handle complex divorce issues.

Mr. William D. Rutherford has been recognized as one of America's Most Influential Wealth Managers by the International Association of Who's Who

2020-07-12 | At ten years old, William D. Rutherford first heard his father talking about the stock market, he was instantly intrigued. He thought that making your money work for you was a terrific idea.

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Tampa Doctor Helps Patient Get Out of Severe Lower Back Pain

2020-07-12 | Dr. Neninger, founder and medical director of the Pain & Wellness Institute in Tampa, Florida helps patient with severe lower back pain when nothing else worked.

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Faith-Based Schools in Pennsylvania Top Several PLEXUSS Rankings for Academic Programs

2020-07-12 | Many of the top-ranked academic programs at Pennsylvania colleges and universities happen to be at faith-based institutions. PLEXUSS provides objective, data-driven rankings driven by student outcomes rather than endowments and brand recognition.