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Latin-Pak's Hispanic Database Soars to New Heigts

2006-03-11 | Latin-Pak's database has increased in both size and scope to now include over 8.6 million Hispanic Households with over 50 selects.

"Tsotsi" Celebrates Miramax's Oscar Nominated Best Foreign Language Film at Spark Woodfire Grill (BH)

2006-03-06 | South Africa has earned its second consecutive Best Foreign Language Film nomination in the country's history; "Yesterday" 2004 and "Tsotsi" 2005. Written and directed by Gavin Hood and based on a novel by Athol Fugard, both South African natives, "Tsotsi" would be the country's first Academy Award.

Politics, Bias, Anti-Americanism in the Classroom Drove Seattle Parent to Write History Book

2006-03-05 | Politics, Bias, Anti-Americanism in the Classroom Drove Seattle Parent to Write History Book. Travesty of Colorado High School's "Ranting Teacher" Spotlights Why Book Was Written And Why Kids Need It, Says Author

HONOLULU, Hawai'i., — 2006 Distinguished Economic Botanists Award Winners Named.

2006-03-02 | Dr. David Lentz, President of the Society for Economic Botany, announced today the recipients of the 2006 Distinguished Economic Botanist Award, the society's highest honor for professionals.

New Trend: Door-to-Door Program Proves Highly Effective in Penetrating Hispanic Markets for Latin-Pak Clients

2006-03-02 | The Latin-Pak Door-to-Door program allows advertisers to reach beyond the limits of circulation numbers or database information and provide clients with complete saturation of Hispanic neighborhoods nationwide.

The Roto Times Launches 2006 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit

2006-02-27 | The Roto Times, an online information resource dedicated to fantasy sports, has announced the release of The Roto Times Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, a dynamic online guide to help fantasy baseball players prepare for their drafts, available through at

Draft and Play Fantasy Baseball adds new levels for play to its Live Draft game.

2006-02-10 | CDM Fantasy Sports ( today announced new levels of play for its live draft baseball game - 2006 Draft and Play Fantasy Baseball.

Deadline Approaches for Checkered Flag Challenge Fantasy Auto Racing Game

2006-02-06 | CDM Fantasy Sports ( today announced the launch of their fantasy auto racing game - Checkered Flag Challenge

The Roto Times releases 2006 fantasy baseball magazine

2006-02-03 | 2006 Guide to Winning Fantasy Baseball hits newsstands on February 7.

Deadline Approaches for CDM Fantasy Sports' 2006 Fantasy Auto Racing Game

2006-01-30 | CDM Fantasy Sports ( today announced the launch of their fantasy auto racing game - 2006 Free Fantasy Auto Racing.

NEW! Hispanic Insert Program Expands Market Penetration for Latin-Pak Clients

2006-01-22 | The New Hispanic Insert Program allows advertisers to reach Hispanic consumers through a variety of vehicles. The program features the ability to brand or to targett to a specific interest group within the Hispanic market.

Latin-Pak Introduces The Targeted Solo Insert Program

2005-11-11 | With the Latin-Pak TSI advertisers can penetrate advertising traffic and communicate brand messages in a solo spotlight.

Give your Valentine a "SPECIAL GIFT." Elegant accommodations at affordable prices.

2005-11-02 | Unique historic and Rare Bed and Breakfast announced by Elegant Accomodations.

Latin-Pak's description of services for 2006

2005-10-29 | Latin-Pak is pleased to offer the following description of our services for 2006. As a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Hispanic Marketing Industry, we continue to evolve and improve the way we position our products in relation to the needs of our advertisers.

Latin-Pak Celebrates 10 Years as Industry Pioneer and Leader.

2005-10-07 | Latin-Pak celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary.

Selecting Multicultural List

2005-10-02 | How to compile multicultural lists and the different types of lists.

Five Reasons Direct Mail Marketing Works with Hispanics.

2005-09-09 | Reach out to Latinos with this traditional, proven and trusted method of advertising and brand placement.

Latin-Pak's New Search Engine Appeals to Both English and Spanish Speaking Clients...

2005-07-21 | After much research Latin Pak has joined forces with Que Pasa, Inc. to provide an exceptional web search engine offering both language preference and contents appealing to its' Hispanic visitors.

Latin-Pak Partners With Verified Audit To Deliver Ultimate Delivery Information

2005-06-23 | In striving to provide complete client satisfaction and success within the Hispanic Door Hanger program, Latin-Pak is proud to announce a partnership with Verified Audit Company to provide clients immediate detailed delivery information and verification.

Eli Lilly Agrees to Pay Approximately $700M in Zyprexa Settlement - Brown and Crouppen Poised to Assist Victims

2005-06-15 | Eli Lilly and Co. will pay $690 million to settle approximately three-quarters of the claims against Zyprexa. The Brown and Crouppen law firm has developed a press release that explains the Zyprexa situation and the importance of filing claims promptly.

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