All Press Releases for February 10, 2005

Child with Cerebral Palsy Who Could Not See or Speak Does Both Following Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

A cortically blind, mute child with cerebral palsy began both seeing and speaking following treatment with umbilical cord stem cells.

    / - February 10, 2005 - During December 2004 the Sinclair Broadcast Group produced and aired a 5 minute video news segment concerning the promise and utility of umbilical cord stem cell therapy. The video focuses on Adam Susser and his father, prominent Florida consumer affair's attorney, Gary Susser. Adam was cortically blind and could not speak prior to receiving human umbilical cord stem cells. He now can both see and speak.

This 5 minute segment is now available online for viewing at no charge on - item #12

Dr. Payne at Steenblock Research Institute wants those who elect to view the video to be aware of this:

"In the video the FDA raises 2 issues: (1) potential disease contamination of stem cells; and (2) rejection. The human umbilical cord stem cells (hUCSC) used by physician Fernando Ramirez in Mexico (shown in the video) are rigorously screened and certifiably free of major disease pathogens like Hepatitis A, B, C, HIV, cytomegalovirus and such. Also, as no blood antigens get into the hUCSC mix used by Ramirez et al, the likelihood of rejection is nil. And indeed, in over 100+ cases I've followed over the last 2 years and in the hundreds of documented cases worldwide involving use of pure cord blood-derived stem cells, rejection is so rare (and so mild when it does crop up) as to be virtually a non-issue."

Steenblock Research Institute does not do stem cell therapy, but does provide technical support and data analysis to various clinics abroad that do.

The SBG news video includes footage of pioneering physician Dr. David Steenblock, director of the Steenblock Research Institute (San Clemente, California) and research physician Dr. Fernando Ramirez (Mexico).

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