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All Press Releases for June 19, 2013 »
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Black Elk's Tree of Life is Blooming!

The First Shaman and Black Elk tell the same story of Heaven- 37,000 years apart. Cave Art Visions translated by Metaphysical Expert Sir Knight Daryl Breese.
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    NEW HAVEN, CT, June 19, 2013 /EIN Presswire/ -- The Visionary Nicholas Black Elk's prophecy that "the Tree of Life will bloom" appears to be coming true--with help from a 37,000 year old Shaman. This earliest known Shaman painted his Visions in UNESCO Chauvet Cave in Southeastern France. These just translated graphic stories and Visions are the same Black Elk told of the Creator, Wakan Takan/Thunderhorse, including a Creation Mural. The Late Black Elk's Visions revitalized Native American Religion in the 20th century. Now with this profound confirmation from the dawn of humanity- the Indian Nation may act, leading to the world peace Black Elk promised.
Sir Knight Daryl Nicholas Breese and French Canadian--Gerald D'Aoust did the simple translations of this cave art. They both experienced the similar Visions as Black Elk and the earliest Shaman. Their book, "God's Steed- Key to World Peace" documents 144 Shamans and Holy People who have ascended to Heaven and also have seen the Four Legged Horse of God. The late Black Elk said, "the World Tree will bloom and people will know the true facts". He may be right- as Breese connected all religions back to this common ancient shared point in Chauvet Cave's Art. All Holy Books speak of Angelic Horses.
Black Elk and the First Shaman felt compelled to tell us of Heaven and bloom the Tree of Life--bringing paradise back to earth. The short "Black Elk's Tree of Life is Blooming!" video is on YouTube. It shows the First Shaman's Chauvet Cave graphics and the stories connected down through history to Black Elk. A replica will open nearby in 2014.

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