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New Book Shows Men How To Date Older Women

2008-08-25 | New Dating Guide Shows Younger Men How To Get Involved With Older Women

Need a Fun Summer Vacation? Dare to Go Bare in Palm Springs, CA at The Terra Cotta Inn with their Sizzling Summer No Tan Lines Special Offer.

2008-08-06 | Looking for a new, fun, exotic vacation experience? Now is the time to try a clothing optional vacation. Topless and nude sunbathing is the fastest growing trend in the travel industry. And sunny Palm Springs, CA is the perfect summertime travel destination for your first nude vacation.

Enerceutical Mediated Activation of the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway: A Clinical Trial Open to Qualified Parents of Autistic Children

2008-06-27 | Preliminary studies have shown marked improvements in autistic patients using a procedure that activates the body's capacity to suppress a persisting stealth adapted virus infection; the underlying cause of autism. Parents are being recruited to help evaluate this simple, home based procedure.

Australian Online Dating Site Sees the Growth in Cyber-Space Attributed to Time Poor Singles.

2008-06-27 | Australian online dating sites are in demand more than ever. Actual studies from an Australian University shares results as to why more people are using online dating services.

Online dating site is giving singles completely free and unlimited memberships. HookMeUp is telling the public to put their credit cards away!

2008-05-21 | An informative news release featuring an online dating and social networking site which brings together todays technology and the golden years. The featured company doesnt charge its members any fees or subscriptions. Worth a look.

Child Abduction and Parental Alienation Forum, Sun, May 18, 2008. 1pm, West Palm Beach, FL, --- Sponsored by Voice for the Children, Inc. Saving children from abduction since 1974, --- 1-561-586-8515, 1-800-28 HELPME (4-3576),

2008-05-19 | Child Abduction is increasing to all time high levels. The surge is largely due to the increase in mentally ill parents who are suffering from a variety of inherent afflictions whose symptoms are brought out by recent waves of economic stress. Abducting parents think little of the child's welfare.

Introducing Free Social Dating Site

2008-03-31 | is a 100% free dating site and invites people from all around the world to join. Become a member and have a chance to win an IPod 1GB Shuffle.

New Thriller Predicts A Future Dominated by Women

2008-03-28 | Women are becoming too much like men. Where will it end? In Unholy Domain, Dan Ronco projects a future where the balance of power between the sexes has shifted radically.

Introducing Free Social Dating Site

2008-02-23 | is a 100% free dating site and invites people from all around the world to join. Become a member and have a chance to win an IPod 1GB Shuffle.

So it seems everybody's doing it... Al Fresco style!

2008-01-22 | Summer is well and truly with us and Australians are turning to sun, sea, sand and sex... outdoor sex that is!

Astrologer PATRICE KAMINS Introduces INTERVENTIONISTA to Battle Relationship Woes

2007-11-29 | Former Fashionista turned Astrologer Patrice Kamins introduces pithy online relationship advice column aimed at challenging current relationship dynamics

New Perspective on Human Nature Might Change the Way We Do Business

2007-11-19 | Cristian Mitreanu's new article, "A Business-Relevant View of Human Nature," provides a new theory of human nature, and aims to bring it to the center of our understanding of business.

Online Men's Magazine Announces Relaunch and Redesign of Popular Site

2007-11-08 | Graduate Journalism Student Re-launches Regal Magazine; a free monthly online magazine targeting today's African American male and addressing contemporary social issues

God Crushed Me

2007-10-31 | Autobiography revealing how far God will go to rescue His children from sexual sin.

A New Generation of Business Professionals Learns to Hobnob!

2007-10-23 | Hobnob! offers Facebook users an innovative way to expand their professional network.

Powerful scientific discovery helps you care for your heart's health without pills, only by reducing marital squabbles!

2007-10-20 | Emotional stress produced by constant fighting with their spouses causes women to self-silence. This is a short term solution that has long term consequences, because it raises their risk of having a heart attack. The solution is to learn how to do fair fighting!

Little Known SECRET Can Increase Chances for Loan Approval and Lower Insurance Costs

2007-10-16 | In a market where tightening underwriting guidelines are making it increasingly difficult to qualify for mortgages, savvy borrowers are finding that following a few simple credit score-improving steps gives them greater control over their credit scores.

Escape Together to Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village for an Unforgettable Romantic Getaway

2007-10-13 | Indulge in a romantic retreat at the Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village with the "Just for the Two of You" Romantic Escape with prices starting at $164 per night. Viral Marketing Machine

2007-09-24 | Friendswin the Hottest new Social Network is going Viral and achieving massive growth during it's Pre-Launch Phase!

Champagne and Romance Abound at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel This Fall

2007-09-12 | As a tribute to romance, the Renaissance Dallas Hotel has created two weekend packages to help couples relax and spend time together at this upscale hotel.