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New - World of Algae Website Launch

2009-12-06 | David Sieg and Steve Ewings launched a new website, that will provide up-to-date information and a full range of DIY algae products.

Many Drug Addicts and Alcoholics See Holidays as a Trigger

2009-12-05 | Drug Rehab Center Offers Holiday Season Insights to family members with loved ones in recovery and a survival list for those in recovery. The holiday season has historically acted like a trigger for many people's addiction and alcoholism.

Knowing What a "Right" Is in the United States Can Help You

2009-12-05 | Most people use the term "Rights" incorrectly and the misconceptions do more to hurt us than to help us.

TechniTrader is Launching the New Website!

2009-12-05 | TechniTrader is very excited to announce the launch of our new website! Now when you visit it will be an educational experience you wont forget!

Get the festive feeling with Midnight Mass at New College Chapel

2009-12-05 | New College Chapel's choir is renowned for its performances at services throughout the year, but the Midnight Mass appearance promises to be special.

Kamaron Institute Reports: Causalities Mount In Word Wars

2009-12-04 | "The best workplace, Internet, and school bullying solution is preemption. The bullying weapon of choice is words and the injury toll mounts daily," Margaret Ross - Kamaron Institute

Promethean Announces Launch of eLearning Award

2009-12-03 | Promethean and European Schoolnet announce the launch of the 'Best MST Learning Resource Golden Prize' as part of the eLearning Awards to reward excellence and the best use of technology in education

Entrepreneurship Degree at Ashland University Encourages Undergraduates to Risk Failure On Way to Success

2009-12-03 | Ashland University offers a new entrepreneurship degree and continues to offer minors in entrepreneurship for both business and non-business undergraduate students as well as an MBA specialization in entrepreneurship.

International Academy of Film and Television Offers Red Camera Intensive Workshop with Post Production Industry Leader Michael Cioni

2009-12-03 | IAFT's Los Angeles Workshop Teaches New Developments and Techniques Including Latest in Scarlett and Epic

LingQ takes Chinese and Japanese Out of Beta

2009-12-03 | Asian language functionality on LingQ now on par with other languages

Empire Medical Training Specializes in Aesthetic Medicine Training Programs & Workshops

2009-12-03 | Empire Medical Training provides detailed instruction in Mesotherapy, Facial Aesthetics, Botox Injection and procedures including Body Contouring, Weight Loss, & The "Non Surgical Face Lift".

Now iSpring provides E-Learning Content Management System

2009-12-02 | iSpring Online is a new generation e-learning content management system that perfectly complements the iSpring e-learning content authoring product line. It makes it easy to deliver any type of e-learning content online, share it and track it.

Candy Buy Back Program's Fifth Year Renders Impressive Results for Apple Valley Orthodontist Expert

2009-12-02 | Patients of Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth donated Halloween candy during the orthodontic practice's annual Halloween candy buyback program. The candy will be sent to U.S. soldiers currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with toothbrushes and dental floss.

Dr. Rick Nappi Has Important Information about your Family and their Health! According to Dr. Nappi, "Super Healthy Kids are Few and Far Between"

2009-12-02 | Dr. Rick Nappi shares vital information about your children and their health. Dr. Rick Nappi is a leading authority in the natural wellness industry. Dr. Nappi has 23 years of experience in the fields of homeopathy and naturopathy.

Henley Maintains Rankings for its Executive MBA and Full Time MBA Courses

2009-11-27 | Henley Business School has maintained its key business school ranking positions for both the Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings 2009 and Economist Intelligence Unit Full-time MBA Rankings 2009

Blackwell Continues Support For Growing Number Of University Students

2009-11-27 | Blackwell has announced continuing strong support for the growing number of UK university students as business from new and returning university students in 2009 grows

Vancouver Orthodontics Practice's New Langley Office Is a Big Hit

2009-11-27 | Taking advantage of all the latest technology, Dr. Aly Kanani and Dr. Robert Love's new Langley orthodontics practice hits all the high notes and has been a smash hit with old and new patients.

Smart Economy Collaboration Addresses Workplace Diversity Issues

2009-11-27 | Channel Content releases a multimedia training solution, "Managing Workplace Diversity". This uses video-based work scenarios to address 13 key issues that impact performance of inter cultural teams. Learning is supported online, on DVD and mobiles.

The ULTIMATE Marketing Plan You Must Have to UNLEASH Your True Money Success in 2010 (and years to come!)

2009-11-26 | If you don't know exactly what to put in place to move you into 6-figures (& beyond) in the next 12 mos then I want you to be on this call because I will be personally coaching you through your MUST HAVE inner & outer marketing plan.

New Free Language Learning Website Officially Launches During ACTFL Convention

2009-11-25 | Hello-Hello Redefines Online Language Learning with Interactive Site and Proven Methodology