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Leading Internet Marketing Agency Announces 2nd Quarter Webinar Lineup

2009-04-01 | Columbus, Ohio Internet marketing company, Webbed Marketing, prepares for its second quarter lineup of informative webinars. Focus will be blogging and social media, word of mouth and improving online ROI.

Central Ohio Internet Marketing Firm Speaking at Several Events this Spring

2009-04-01 | Columbus, Ohio based Webbed Marketing has announced its spring speaking engagements that will highlight social media strategies and Internet marketing techniques. Adds Value to Social Networking.....Interactivity That Promotes Successful Pursuit of Life Goals

2009-03-30 | Introducing a social network that aids members in attaining life goals and resolutions.Through Interactive forums, friendships can be established to encourage and support each member's efforts, and mentors to guide the progress toward success.

Local Youth Are Making Safe, Affordable Housing A Priority During Habitat For Humanity's Act! Speak! Build! Week

2009-03-30 | Nationwide Program Empowers Young People to Raise Awareness through Advocacy & Fundraising

Vellum Publishing, Inc. Guarantees Reasonable Prices For Kindle Books

2009-03-29 | Vellum Publishing, Inc., the e-book publisher for the Digital Generation, has posted a video on that discusses the cost of Kindle books. Reliability and Predictive Maintenance Career Portal Announced

2009-03-29 | set to launch as the first career portal exclusively dedicated to serving predictive maintenance and reliability engineering professionals.

Npower's Climate Cops Awards Enterprising Green-Agers

2009-03-28 | npower and Fearne Cotton announced the winning schools of the Climate Cops Green SOS competition at a ceremony held at the Science Museum in London

Eating Disorder Clinical Experiential Training Program

2009-03-28 | New Realities of Southern California is offering an intensive clinical experiential training program in the treatment of eating disorders

Atlantic Link Content Point Demonstration on FedEd TV

2009-03-27 | "I'll tell you it was one of the most comprehensive e-learning packages on the .Net platform I've seen... it was just amazing how quickly that was done," said Dave Gardy.

Historical Documentary Film "IRAN, The Forgotten Glory" Released - Persian Culture and Identity Revealed

2009-03-26 | Coinciding with the arrival of the Persian New year, the much anticipated historical documentary film "IRAN The Forgotten Glory" directed by Makan Karandish and produced by Mystic Films Intl. was released this week in Los Angeles, California.

FarStone Releases TreasureStone - The World's First Plug and Play Networked Backup and Recovery Solution!

2009-03-25 | FarStone Technology, a trusted backup and recovery solution provider, is announcing the new product, TreasureStone Backup and Recovery Server. Powerful Enterprise Software and Massive Disk Array Storage in One Product!

ImmigrationTracker Deploys New I-129 Form Within Hours of Its Release by the USCIS

2009-03-24 | ImmigrationTracker has released the new I-129 form within hours of it being posted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) web site.

A College Student's Answer to the Economy

2009-03-24 | College sophomore, Bennett Resnik, answers back to the current state of the economy by building a comprehensive platform for undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in consulting.

Senior Pictures Grow Up

2009-03-24 | Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Vipers Add Panache to Yearbook Pictures for Dallas High School Seniors

Daycare Centers Can Earn Customers & Gain Credibility Via New Online Parents' Rating Resource

2009-03-24 | Concerned parents across the USA locate top-rated daycare centers and services while reading feedback and ratings or leaving their own reviews.

Leslie Jensen Partners Up With CarbonCopyPRO!

2009-03-24 | In Salt Lake City this month, Leslie Jensen, became one of the newest marketers at Carbon CopyPro. Leslie Jensen, a budding and enthusiastic internet marketer, joins an already power-packed lineup of entrepreneurs in the CarbonCopyPRO arena.

Case Study: Online Tutoring Helps Reinforce School Lessons

2009-03-22 | In November 2008, Inge of Vancouver, BC was faced with the prospect of her son, Max, being held back a grade because of his failing math grades. Wanting to help Max catch up to his class, Inge turned to TutorJam's online tutoring programs to get the academic help Max needed.

National Association for Family Child Care and Minute Menu Systems Partner to Promote Quality and Professionalism in Family Child Care

2009-03-20 | Minute Menu Systems and the National Association for Family Child Care have paired to bring knowledge of professional development and business management tools to child care providers across the U.S.

Mountainside Drug Rehab Announces That Within Ten Years It Has Treated More Than 5,000 People Suffering From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

2009-03-20 | Mountainside Drug Rehab has treated more than 5,000 people in the past ten years. Its treatment program has won widespread acclaim and was honored by the White House for its innovative and effective treatment approach.

Npower Events 'Enthuse' A Local School

2009-03-18 | npower volunteers returned to Greendown Community School with South Swindon MP Anne Snelgrove to help over 260 pupils take part in npower's 'enthuse' day, for the third consecutive year.