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May 17, 2012

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Automotive Accessories Online Retailer mAuto Store Announces Hike in Sales a Month After Launch

2012-05-17 | The automotive accessories startup mAuto Store hits record sales a month after the startup's first successful product launch. Thousands of car sun shades have sold in a month.

Michaels Introduces Exclusive Fabulitz Line by LittleMissMatched

2012-05-17 | DIY fashion line inspires girls to discover their own unique style.

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Fleming's Fundamentals of Law Bar Review and Law School Solutions - Live, DVD, CD and Online Presentations Since 1982

2012-05-17 | Fleming's Fundamentals of Law announces its new Advanced Analysis For The CA Bar Essay Exam.

Blue Tax Complaints... I Certainly Don't Have Any!

2012-05-17 | The attorneys at Blue Tax get nothing but praise from their clients!

Fairy LiceMothers Has Gone West! Please Welcome Our Newest Fairy, Stacey Pomerantz

2012-05-17 | Fairy LiceMothers is continuing their dedication to eliminating lice. Their fourth location is open for business in Austin, TX.

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The Childhood Obesity Crisis - One Company Offers a Simple Solution to a Staggering Health Problem

2012-05-17 | Childhood obesity is a crisis of epic proportions. Obesity is caused by too much food intake, not enough exercise or a combination of the two. Now, one company has found a simple solution that is nearly impossible for kids and young adults to resist

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Danuser HAMMER - 800-733-0275 Hamilton Equipment - The NEW Danuser HAMMER VIDEO

2012-05-17 | Hamilton Equipment -800-733-0275 - is proud to introduce the new Danuser HAMMER post driver, in addition to the full line of stocking Danuser wholegoods and parts.

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First Capital Payments Eyes Far-Reaching Opportunity with New App Offering Consumers New, Neat Way to Pay

2012-05-17 | First Capital Payments is leading the region in establishing new ways for consumers and merchants to interact and exchange goods and services via the mobile payment app Google Wallet.

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The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide

2012-05-17 | The New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide is a practical no nonsense guide to educate, inform and empower partners, shareholders and members faced with a serious partnership dispute in New York and New Jersey.

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The Big Secret: It's What Large Skincare Companies Don't Want You to Know

2012-05-17 | It's what large skincare companies and big name detergent and shampoo companies don't want you to know: what's really in the products you buy. How do you know what is good for you or bad? The answers are in this press release.

Sing Out About an Extraordinary Kid With Allergies and Win an iPad 3!

2012-05-17 | Kids' video contest launches to teach others about living with food allergies. Inspired by the allergy song Extraordinary by singer/songwriter Jacky Henderson, and The Princess and the Peanut: A Royally Allergic Fairytale by Sue Ganz-Schmitt.

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London Set to Celebrate Diamond Jubilee in Style

2012-05-17 | to provide discounted hotels in London for Royal celebrations.

RS Components Nottingham Customers Help Our Heroes

2012-05-17 | Customers dig deep for national forces charity.

You Have Heard About Art and Soul - How About the Fusion of Art and Energy Drinks?

2012-05-17 | Leading private label energy drinks maker Liquid Promo launches artsy drinks, aims to transform energy drinks into works of art. Features a new artwork design daily from artists worldwide.

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Medical Practice Management Software Users Have Been Given a Temporary Reprieve from ANSI 5010, But Still Required to Meet June 30 2012 Deadline

2012-05-17 | While the deadline for ANSI 5010 compliance didn't change, the government has postponed "enforcing" compliance with the new standards.

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Local Resident, Rev. Randy White, to Give $5,000 Reward for the Arrest of Four Men who Teamed Up and Beat a Young U.S. Army Soldier in South Tampa

2012-05-17 | Reported by Channel 10 Tampa Bay News May 14, 2012: "Police say the victim of a violent beating caught on camera is a 24 year old and has lived in Tampa for less than a month. He's a United States Army soldier assigned to MacDill Air Force Base."

Lipsi Cosmetics Uses Social Media to Educate Makeup Users

2012-05-17 | Lipsi Cosmetics is on a mission to help women throughout the world by connecting and sharing information through social media websites.

Craftmark Countertops Points Owners of Atlanta Granite Countertops to EPA Website

2012-05-17 | Atlanta granite countertop fabricator Craftmark Countertops notes that EPA studies show granite countertops do not release dangerous amounts of radon.

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Atlanta Pool Repair Company Pinnacle Pool Services Warns Pool Owners About Ants

2012-05-17 | Atlanta pool supply company Pinnacle Pool Services warns Atlanta pool owners about the destruction ants can cause to a pool system.

Clark & Washington Report 1,131 Tampa Bankruptcies in January

2012-05-17 | Clark & Washington, Tampa bankruptcy attorneys, report more than 1100 bankruptcies in Tampa for January 2012. This number is below the monthly average for 2011, however many residents are still facing financial hardship.

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