Webinars, Seminars, and Press Releases

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September 07, 2014

Webinars are great because it reaches a big scope of audience that you might not have otherwise reached with traditional seminars. That being said, seminars are still very much popular for the personal interaction.

No matter which medium you choose, they're both important because it keeps your industry and your company in the forefront of relaying the latest industry news and trends.

One thing to consider is that there is something to be said about press releases and events that teeters on the line of advertising and promotion as opposed to a press release's goal, which is to relay company news and happenings.

If you find this is the case, submitting a press release about an event that sounds like an advert could be easily rectified. As a start, simply change the reporting style and report it in third person. What's next is key; this will separate your submission from being an advertisement to a press release: report about what the webinar is about and its key speakers. Concentrate on these to attract experts in the field and the audience as opposed outright focusing on the price/date/time of the event. The goal is to sound less like self-promotion and more like industry news.

That's not to say to not put it in (although some have cut out the price completely from a press release), but you want to mention the time, date, and price a maximum of one time as more of a "report" and in subtle reference - not as part of the main part of the news, and definitely not as part of the headline or sub-headline.

When it comes to the registration link, try to put it in the descriptive part of the text, not as a bold-faced bigger font link that reads "Register Here!" Specifically, you can mention that registration is available and link it around the event's name or another descriptive and appropriate area. Just keep in mind that a press release about an event is to report about an event, not to explicitly extend an invitation. If the press release is well-written and is genuinely interesting and newsworthy, registrations are sure to follow.