Three Tips for Using the Right Tone and Voice in Your Press Release

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April 01, 2014

Press releases are best written from an objective perspective, and a large part of ensuring you're not being too biased in your release is the tone and voice you use to communicate your information..

Below are three tips to show you how to use the right tone and voice in your press release. Read and put these into action and your press releases will improve substantially!

  1. Make a note of the voice you use when writing your release -avoid first person (me, or I) references and instead use third-person references (i.e. 24-7PressRelease is a press release distribution service dedicated to offering the best value and quality...).

  2. Use a quotation from a company representative (who must be named, in order to provide the release - and your company - with some credibility). Incorporating this element into a release not only gives the release a more personalized touch, but also gives you a chance to brag - the representative can be much more focused on promotions and sales than the actual tone of the release itself. Having said that, don't include more than two quotes per release - it's not necessary and will feel like overkill.

  3. Be friendly but professional. Avoid overuse of punctuation like exclamation marks, and don't try to pretend that you know your reader. Instead, invite readers to contact you for further details or information, but otherwise maintain a strictly professional tone.

Remember that every time you send out a press release, that is a representation of your company's reputation and how it will be perceived online. If your company is fun-loving and encourages social interaction, you can reflect that in your writing and help communicate the reputation your business wants to foster.

Using these tips to correct the voice you use when writing your releases will help to ensure you're setting the right tone.