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December 26, 2016

Although we have previously published some excellent information about timing of your press release and the best time for distribution, at, we still receive inquiries. Our previous similar article from 2014 may be found here (

One of the more popular inquiries at the 24-7 Press Release support line recently is the inquiry about distribution of your press release over the holiday season. Let's get into that one right away.

The holidays are typically a time when most people look to escape their busy work schedules and spend more time with their family and friends. This can be good or bad scenario for news going out. On the one hand, you might think that there are less people around to read your news. But are there? Are people still reading online publications and news while they are on holiday?

The flip side is many businesses are having this same debate. And many of them are not distributing a press release over the holidays. News distribution comes to all but a grinding halt. This is good news for smaller businesses looking to send out news and perhaps garner a few more eyeballs. With fewer of the larger companies sending out news and the financial markets taking time off, the smaller guy has a little more of a chance to stand out in the crowd.

24-7 Press Release, over the years has seen many smaller to mid-sized businesses practicing this quite diligently. This holds particularly true for the dates between December 24th & January 2nd. Although you might want to avoid Christmas day and January 1st, the 27th - 31st are particularly attractive.

Are their search engine benefits to consider when distributing you news between these dates? We are not saying there are, however you be the judge and tell us if you think the following makes some sense.

With the rise in content marketing over the last couple of years, means more information published online than ever before. Content marketing for those still not aware is a cornerstone in marketing now. Think about this -- if majority of business owners and writers for large corporations are away on holiday between Christmas and New Year, there is less content being published. All of a sudden, you come up with a couple of excellent newsworthy press releases and decide to distribute them during this time. Your information is not competing with the droves information out there, potentially leading to more online visibility than your competition.

We have also previously mentioned about businesses taking to the use of a press release to incorporate as a part of their content marketing strategy. Distribute these types of press releases during the quiet time. Write them in advance and schedule them for those down dates when 'many aren't around' -- you might surprise yourself with the results.

Whether it is Christmas, New Year's or Easter, timing can have a major influence for the results your press release may or may not receive. Although we typically steer people away from sending out news on the weekends or on a Friday or Monday (unless it is urgent), the holidays are a different game all together. Take advantage of the quiet time, particularly if your competition isn't.

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