How to Write a Press Release Announcing a New Book Release - A Few Successful Tips

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January 15, 2018

When it comes to distributing a press release announcing a new book, 24-7 Press Release Newswire is no stranger. In fact, when if you do a search in Google for "new book 24-7PressRelease" you will see pages and pages of results from proud authors mentioning their new book release announcements. You may view these search results here.

Authors have a bit of an advantage when it comes to writing a press release. They are already skilled writers. That being said, there is certainly a difference between writing a novel and writing a press release.

Typically, like any press release, you will require a headline that is catchy - interesting enough to grab the attention of the journalist in your field. For a list of headlines that some of our clients have used, you may check them out here.

Including attribution in the headline is important, particularly if you already have a name as an author. If you are a new author and the concept of sending a press release to the media about your book release is a new concept, keep in mind it is also an excellent way to start building a name for yourself in the world of authorship.

Have a game plan. Some of our customers use a three-step process for announcing their book. This includes distributing a preview press release announcing an exciting new book that will be released. The second release would be a book launch release that is distributed once the book is available for purchase. It includes information about the book, including where a customer may purchase the book. The third piece could be a follow up that may also include any notable reviews or milestones like being named a finalist for an award

Like any other type of press release, keep to the proper format, keep it short and don't forget to include the following:

Pricing - Those interested may want to know how much the book may be purchased for and if it is also available as an Ebook, hard cover or soft cover. If possible include pricing for not just the United States, however Canada and or Europe as well. When you mention the pricing of the book, simply 'make a mention', do not turn it into a sales pitch. Turning it into a sales pitch is an excellent way to turn off the media, or anyone really.

Link - Some of our authors include links directly to Amazon and other websites where their book may be purchased, some include a link to their website where further information and sometimes a video may be found. A link on a high profile online bookstore like Amazon adds a little credibility.

Images - Did you know that a press release with an image attached will fetch up to 400% more views than a press release with no image? We have written about this many times - include visuals. Include the book cover, a picture of yourself; upload a video summary if you have one. These are elements that will help attract further interest in what you have written.

Timing - When you look to craft three separate press releases, a good time frame to space them out is about 3 weeks, as long as you have something valuable to mention. This keeps your audience up to date without annoying them.

When we advise that a shorter press release is more likely to get attention over one that is written like a novel, we do also mention that you should include a summary of the piece - but leave your audience hanging to want more.

Which distribution package should you use? When asked about what press release distribution package to use to target the media about a new book, we don't recommend our most expensive package, we typically advise of our Integrated Media Pro. This package includes accessibility by the 30,000 members at the associated press, online media and traditional papers. This also allows you to attach up to two videos and 5 images. Check out more information about our Integrated Media Pro package here.

When it comes to the English language, an author will certainly have a hand up as far as spelling and punctuation, but you should remember that the structure and wording you use in your press release will likely not be the same as when you wrote the book. You need to get to the main point right away, and make sure you include all pertinent information in the first two paragraphs. You can't assume that journalists will read the entire release, as they may get hundreds of releases per day.

Try to have someone review what you have written, preferably someone familiar with writing press releases. This will further ensure proper format and style are followed to realize maximum visibility from journalists. Following some of these ideas and concepts does not guarantee publication about your new book or novel, but will certainly help you make a couple of steps in the right direction.