Leveraging Social Media to Maximize the Reach of Your Press Release

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April 03, 2014

You have spent time crafting your news release. You've used an excellent source to distribute your news release to key media points to receive the exposure it deserves. Which means you're done, right?

Wrong. Although using a credible distribution service will help you with getting your press release in front of the right audience, the distribution service you use cannot log into YOUR social media accounts to post that information on your behalf.

Do you have an account with Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter? Then you should be posting a link to your press release to your followers on these social media channels, because these followers are your direct audience and customers.

A press release is a perfect complement to the social media and content marketing campaigns that are so prevalent in business today. A press release is a tool that seamlessly integrates with social media and its ability to be shared, re-tweeted, liked and commented on makes it a natural fit, and more likely to picked up by more journalists and bloggers. There is also the potential of your story 'going viral'.

Stories on 24-7 Press Release Newswire are already shared socially through some of 24-7's own social media channels, however, posting a link to your press release on your own social media, with your target market as your direct audience, offers the final golden touch in ensuring the furthest reach of your news.