Adding Images & Media Content to Your Press Release – No Images = No Story

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June 01, 2021

We have previously written articles about the importance of images within your news release; however, this time wanted to dive in a little deeper on the subject.

Your news release may be the most incredible news release of the day. Still, let's be realistic, people are busy, journalists are busy, and realistically, many people barely even read your headline. Having no image with your news release is the death sentence of your news.

Let's use Facebook as an example. How often do you find yourself scrolling down your feed only to stop at an image that has grabbed your interest? You are not the only one, and a Facebook feed is not much different than a journalist scrolling through hundreds of stories to stumble across one of interest because the image stood out.

As we know, anyone can relate to a photograph, but what type of image would best be suited and get the attention of a viewer? These would be images that people can relate to. Your photos need to be part of the storytelling of your news. We frequently see photos of headshots of someone within a business. Perhaps they have been promoted to a new position or a new company. Having an image is better than not having one, but unless the person's picture is instantly recognizable, finding a more suitable image would be best.

Images that grab your viewer's attention for your press release need to have an element of appeal or surprise. Humor is also a good angle to work off. For product pictures, try to show people using the product and the expression on their faces.

How often have you seen an image of an app photoshopped onto a laptop or iPhone to sit there and think, "I can't even see what is on there." This one is somewhat common, and we do not recommend this type of imaging. Images with text are not high on our list as they look more like an advertisement and lose appeal.

With COVID-19 vaccinations increasing daily, bringing travel or international travel more to a reality for many, we know that the travel industry will have lots to say. We recommend images representing fun and relaxation with no text. Photos that people can see themselves partaking in.

If you want to use your logo in your press release, make sure you use it in context rather than just 'included' in your image set. For instance, a logo on the side of your building will have more impact than a stock logo with a white background.

With media in mind, another angle is to include a video with your news release. 24-7 Press Release Newswire allows you to attach a YouTube video link. For the still image that is the first frame people see, ensure it will interest them enough to click on your video.

At this point, we are confident we have drilled home the importance of excellent, compelling images for your news release. Now that we understand the importance of images, we cannot stress the importance of ensuring you have full rights and permission to use any photos in your news release. We do not recommend finding an image online and saving it to use at your will as this could be a copyright infringement, a predicament that could leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars.